71 [Irregular heartbeat]: even if your heart is strong enough, you are still a subject of angina

Looking back deeper in my life again, I noticed there was a time when I had suffered from angina. I lost a precise memory, but it was definitely after 1994 and ended before 2000. There has been no symptom since then until 2013 when I have been suffering from it as an influence of the electromagnetic wave.


In those days, I often felt uneasy and lost my sleep. There might be a vague anxiety for the future from time to time, though it did not continue for long, which should not be the main reason for my sleepless. Moreover, I was quite unstable in my bed during the night and saw a dream of my falling down endless even though getting some doze.


This was just an incident occurred in the late 1990s. My memory was not correct, but a headache and sleepless should not coincide in those days. Every this symptom just occurred when I lived in my parent house. I had not suffered from a sleepless for a long time until 2012, but I often could not sleep at the Sunday night, which occurred from 2005 to 2007. It just took place when I lived in one apartment in Tokyo, which was another location I was highly assaulted by the radiowave manipulation.


All in all, it can be concluded that I was bad in a condition at my parent house until 2000 and the apartment lived from 2005 to 2007. This was one of the proof that I was a subject of the electromagnetic wave, as the manipulator could facilitate the device at the certain location, which has a limited effect on the certain range. And, the manipulator at this time was the intelligence division of police department, partially supported by the CIA.


The issue here is about a pain in my heart. I have been suffering from angina every day since 2015 and it was 100% sure to be caused by the radiowave. Furthermore, this pain is completely the same as I felt in 90s and in 2005-07, hence they were also triggered by the electromagnetic wave.


When you are accustomed to a heart pain, you might spend a normal life. You cannot imagine, but I am writing this part under the severe heart pain, but I can stand still as I am sure it is caused by the radiowave and there is no permanent problem at my heart. Moreover, my heart is strong enough to survive under this torture, and if not, I would have already fallen down.


This radiowave manipulation over the heart is dangerous in nature with a capability to cause you a heart disease and even to kill you, though its influence depends on your individuality. If your heart is strong enough, you just suffer from angina with an unbearable pain. Having said that, you might feel uneasy as an irregular beat of the heart also creates an anxiety; i.e. your anxiety can create an irregular heartbeat, but also its irregularity can create an anxiety in your mind. It means this manipulation is just more than creating a heart problem, but might have the capability to manipulate your life, even if your heart is strong enough to endure the electromagnetic torture.


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