70 [Unidentified headache]: the location used to be mattered for the radiowave manipulation

Looking back my life, I found out my suffering from an unidentifiable headache from 1996 to 1998. The dull pain was frequented, which was a considerable obstacle to my life in those days. I went to see a doctor who diagnosed it as an unknown origin and tried other types of medication, such as an acupuncture and chiropractic, though there was no cure for my headache.


The pain did not create a fatigue but deprives a motivation and concentration. It won’t continue for 24 hours, but the pain continued intermittently in the area between the vertex and forehead. That was long gone from my life, but it went back from 2013, which has generated a dizziness and deprived a concentration with a pain in the same area.


In the old days, I had no remedy to halt it, hence tried to change a working subject at every hour, which refreshed my mind to recover a concentration somehow. As a result, I still have that custom to switch a subject quite often to maintain my concentration.


This headache was gone without notice. I do not remember when it was halted, but I am sure I had no serious headache when I lived in London in 1999. It means a headache was gone at that time or before going there. Although, I totally forgot I had that symptom and never suffered from until 2013.


Trying harder to remember what happened and I got another angle of the explanation. It was highly likely I suffered from a headache at two specific places, my home and the other. There was no headache in other places and I spent less time on these places later on, which was why I started to be less affected and to forget my persistent headache.


However, it was back in 2013 after the electromagnetic manipulation opaquely began to assault me. Thereafter, there was almost no time when my headache was halted, even now. I found a way to counter it by cooling the head, hence the headache is still an issue, but I can recover some of my life and can write down like this.


There was no issue of a headache in 2000s, but I had a time suffering from a fatigue before 2013. I was not able to wake up during the weekend due to a fatigue. It might sound natural to lots of people, but there was an aspect of the irregularity. I thought a sleeping weekend was so useless and decided to go out forcefully, and then my fatigue was gone at the moment when I was out of the door. I did not think about why it was like that, though it was also highly like affected by the electromagnetic manipulation. This just occurred at my apartment from 2005 to 2007 and I was so suffered from this phenomenon and others during that time, implying the place mattered to the radiowave manipulation, at least in those days.


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