69 [Uncontrollable body]: I retrieved my past experience losing my body maneuver

I got a conviction that the electromagnetic wave has a capability to maneuver the human being wirelessly, I realized another incident that my body became totally out of my command. It was a night in April or May in 2001, when my body moved beyond any controls of mine.


In those days, I was in Tokyo and had a drink considerably on the exact that day, having slept as soon as I got home. Although, I was conscious enough to go back home by myself and to prepare a bed for sleep.


At the middle of that night, I woke up suddenly and started to run around a room. It was a small bedroom sized as 120sqf where I had slept with Japanese futon on the floor. I actually run circle around that futon, though had no idea what was happening as I could not open my eyes.


I kept circling for a while and confirmed a place of the window. I did not realize what it meant, but in the end, I opened a door of the walking closet and jumped into storage boxes. I was aghast for some time and finally conceived this should be an act of the sleepwalking. I thought my drinking was too much, which generated this irregularity, and made my mind somehow to restrain from overdrinking.


I had never imagined a possibility of the electromagnetic wave. My concern at that time was that I might have jumped out of the window if sleeping in another room. I slept an inner room on that day, hence the window was too high to jump out, but if sleeping a room with a veranda, I might have jumped to the ground. I was bruised by crushing with many kinds of stuff, such as storage boxes, but there was a mental shock more than that.


That was a story in the spring of 2001 and I had never experienced the same phenomenon until 2013. However, I heard a story to control a body like a hand power, when I talked to my friends in 2010. I thought it was impossible and they misunderstood the incident, but I did not say anything as there is no meaning to deny their believing story. It should be a fraud, but they were less likely cheated, which was another reason to let it go. At that time, I had never thought it was the same phenomenon I experienced in 2001.


When I lost my control over my body in 2013, I realized there was a technology to maneuver the human being wirelessly. Moreover, the story in 2010 was a truth and I began to notice this technology has been employed a manipulation against me for a long time.


There was also another realization that I was at least a subject in 2001. I had misunderstood I had been their target since 2011 when they opaquely started to run an operation to hunt me down, but it was just my wrong perception. I had been targeted by them for a long time without notice and started to think why they continuously run this crazy operation. And also, I started to think about when it was started.


One thought on “69 [Uncontrollable body]: I retrieved my past experience losing my body maneuver”

  1. It is cataplexy, in which, as a result of sudden emotion, power is lost from the limbs, though, consciousness is preserved. It is a form of Narcolepsy.


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