68 [Conviction of the electromagnetic wave]: After eliminating other possibilities, the radiowave is left as the only plausible

I was convinced that there was a methodology to maneuver the subject after my body was totally controlled externally. At the same time, I realized it was a technology of the intelligence community, as I was a subject of their operation, nearly assassinated and often tortured by the CIA, Five Eyes, Japanese police intelligence and Chinese intelligence. Their abuse had been opaque for half a year since the autumn in 2012 until then, hence there was no way to misunderstand who was responsible.


The issue was how they materialized an external maneuver. When I just heard a voice, I seriously considered a possibility of the directional speaker. The ultrasonic was one of the possibilities at first, but it did not sound a normal voice in any way, even if we could have understood a meaning in the ultrasonic voice. As the human ears cannot shift a frequency range by their own.


You can differentiate a sound of do from re and can also recognize higher do and lower, as they all have unique frequencies. The human ears recognize the sound as a frequency, each of which is perceived at a different area of the cochlea. The ultrasonic is notionally a high frequency, hence it should be recognized in a deeper end of the cochlea, if possible. It is usually out of the human audible range, but even if possible, it should be a high tone voice, unrecognizable who the speaker is.


On the other hand, the directional speaker can deliver a loud sound from far away and it is not listened to by others as the sound range is quite limited. Moreover, if they adjust a volume of the voice, it sounds normal when reaching my ears. There was a possibility for this case when just hearing a voice.


However, it sounded similar when covering my ears, which was not normal. The cochlea could recognize a sound through the vibration of an air, hence it should have become hard to hear when covering the ears, but it did not occur at that time. This indicated it was not a phenomenon of the normal listening function, and actually, I had the same sense that it was not listening through my ears.


My body movement began to be controlled under this situation. It was apparently not a result of the sound, but there was still another possibility that some device was buried into my body. I had been drugged, hence it was not that difficult coming near to me when I was totally unconscious and also possible to obscure my memory.


However, if the device was buried physically in my body, it constantly required refilling its battery. It was still unconceivable to take an energy from the blood, hence it should be impossible to control the subject using the electronic device for a long-term. I cannot totally dismiss this technology, but it should not be a phenomenon I had been experienced.


The drug was another plausible possibility and a hard drug was actually compelled into my body system at the first time when I lost my body control. I did not eat and sleep for almost two days on that occasion, which might have been a reason why I lost my control over the body movement. However, the body control was irresistible at that time, having a strong will, hence I recognized someone was maneuvering my body.


In the end, the most probable explanation was an electromagnetic wave to have an influence on my brain directly from the outside. If that is the case, it might be possible to control a directional behavior over the body. At the same time, it should have a direct impact on the audible area in the brain. Or, more precisely, there were no other options than the electromagnetic wave which directly maneuvered my brain function. I came to be convinced that they employed an invisible technology which I had suffered from.


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