67 [Uncontrollable body]: I lost my command over my body movement

Several days after I heard voices from an invisible methodology, I lost my control over the body and suddenly started to run without my will. My body was just running around inside a room, which I was hopeless to stop it however hard I managed.


And then, I tried a zen meditation, which I continuously practiced in the previous six months to counter the espionage operation. When concentrating onto the inner self, which was one step before the emptiness, I was able to contain a body movement. I felt the body tried to move toward some direction, whose sense was halted by the meditation, though it required too much concentration. At the same time, the invisible voice talked to me, which disturbed my focus.


All in all, the best countermeasure was to leave it alone, letting the body move as it was urged. There was a fear that I could not control my body, but it was quite meaningless to struggle against what I could not control. It was better to leave it alone until I resumed a control over myself.


The body control started from a running, but actually, any movements were controlled externally. My arms were up and down without conscious and my fingers wrote down words which I had never intended to. My body was totally not mine under this control and there was nothing I could do.


In those days, I was drugged almost every day by spies. My sense was also out of ordinary by this operation and sometimes I thought this no-control should be a result of the delusion and hallucination. More precisely saying, they made me think this was a result of the drug frequently, but I cannot deny the fact happened to me that I lost my control over my body.


Although, I still had no idea how it was controlled and all I knew was that there was a methodology to control others externally.


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