66 [Invisible voice]: I realized an invisible voice was directly sent to the brain

In the next month, March 2013, I was obsessed with an idea that my thought was bugged. I was so accustomed to a wiretapping and was not bothered by their illegal activities anymore, but I came to a conclusion that my thought was bugged rather than my speaking was heard by a tap.


There were many occasions that my thoughts were realized just in front of me, which were not written in the paper and not ever spoken at all. They were results of some methodologies more than a bug, though I had no idea how it was possible.


At first, I put a flu mask on my mouth to conceal my lip movement for 24 hours every day. I was so nervous and came to a wrong hypothesis that my lip was read by spies to steal my thought in the brain. However, at the same time, I realized its theory could not solve the issue of the nightmare for weeks in the previous month.


I also felt the social circumstance was a little changed from that March. It looked like more people realized that the CIA, Japanese intelligence and other agencies have employed some methodology to conduct illegal operations including murders. The information looked like leaked from the intelligence circle to many politicians who started to mention a serious concern related to this issue. Having said that, I had no clue what this methodology looked like.


I was in Hokkaido in those days. There was still a season for the diamond dust, a deep in the winter, though there was no change at the abuse and torture from the southern islands. The police and intelligence officers were not bothered by an illegal conduct anymore.


Then, one day, I heard a voice, at the end of that March or the start of the April. It was a clear voice and I was able to recognize who they were. I heard voices from tens of them and I could differentiate the majority of them. Moreover, I had a conversation with them, even though there was no clue how its communication was settled. My voice was assumed to be sent through a bug, as I spoke out loud and there was assumed to be a device which delivered their voice to my ears.


At least, it was not my inner voice as there was an accent which I was quite familiar with but had never succeeded to copy. I knew who he was and it was apparent that the conversation did not occur just by myself.


The CIA and Japanese intelligence were surprised that I could discern most of them correctly. They tested my capability in coming days to playback recorded voices from the upper room for a confirmation of my ability. I was so correct for all of them, but moreover, I realized the voices heard in the other day was not sent from the upper room or any other places. It was in my brain, completely a distinctive experience.


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