65 [Invisible voice]: The nightmare haunted just at the morning doze, though created by an invisible voice

It was February 2013 when I started to have a suspicion that there should be a methodology to control the human being invisibly. There have been a streak of electromagnetic manipulations since the early 1990s, though I did not realize its fact yet in those days.


I had been a subject of the intelligence operation at least for a few years until that February, which was actually my wrong perception at that time as I had been as such for decades. However, there were opaque threats from them at that time aimed by the CIA, Chinese intelligence, Japanese intelligence and others. Adding to this, I had been abused and tortured by them almost every day.


I stayed in Southeast Asia in late 2012, but the spy treated the people savagely there, hence decided back to Japan. I started an island hopping in Nansai islands from the north end and I reached to the south end in early 2013.


That was the time I started to feel weird emotion just in the morning. During the morning doze, I had had a sexual interest in the school girl. I had no such an interest that I managed to wake myself up for escaping from this nightmare. It looked like a dream but I was more conscious even to escape from it. The more wired was that I continuously experienced this nightmare morning over morning.


There was no feeling like that during a daytime, I was totally broken just in the morning doze. At first, I just thought of my suffering from the psychiatric disorder due to the torture, but when continued for long, I started to doubt there should be an invisible methodology to trigger this situation.


Generally speaking, even if you encounter an event which less likely occurs, it is often a result of the accident, but there are occasions that you should seriously consider a deliberation. Especially when you encounter a series of events with a statistical irregularity, it is more like driven by a deliberate intention. This weird nightmare apparently went beyond a six sigma.


It was at least apparently not created inside my mind, and at first, I doubted an influence of the drug. I have been drugged occasionally by spies for a few years and realized how their drugs worked on me. But my experience also suggested that there was no way to arouse a directional thought just by the drug and it was apparently unconceivable that the drug created the same nightmare morning over morning. There was a possibility that the drug was used as a supplement, but it required an invisible methodology to generate the same thought during a morning doze.


One of the possibilities was a whisper just in that state. I experienced many times getting a shout from the upper room and also a speaker was set up in the bathroom, hence I assumed this delusion did not occur in my brain, but triggered by someone whispering to me.


However, I had never heard a voice even waking up during the manipulation, which concluded that it was an inner voice controlled somehow from the outside, though I could not have reached a right conclusion yet.


Now, I know it was a twilight learning by the electromagnetic manipulation. During the REM sleep, there is a window time directly accessing to your long-term memory and the morning doze is one of them. When you are whispered something during that state, your memory is rewritten which also alters your way of thinking. However, they did not succeed it in that February, as it was too far away from my original thought.


Looking back my past, there were many occasions that I was manipulated in the same way. There were strange thoughts dominating me just during the morning doze, which was completely different from a daytime. However, it sometimes affected my normal thought, lasting for several months. I thought in those days there were a different set of thoughts in deeper self and I sometimes ignored them if they were beyond my boundary and followed them if they sounded conceivable to me. However, in that February, I definitely realized that it was not a coincidence that I had experienced the same delusion for weeks.


I started to analyze how this manipulation should be constructed and I noticed a criminal killed several people in Guam in the same month, who claimed he heard a voice in the brain. Then, I seriously started to think about a possibility there should be a way to deliver a voice directly to the brain.


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