64 [Electromagnetic wave and Ghost]: A white thing is a traditional image of the ghost in Japan

To tell the truth, it was not so long time ago I realized the ghost story was a manipulation, and then I also noticed that I was tried the same manipulation in a different time.


It was a story in the late 1996 that I saw a woman in a totally white cloth with fluttering sleeves and skirt, walking down with her dog. It was an early morning around 3pm and there was apparently none others walking especially in a deep countryside. My friend and I passed her by car and, a few minutes later, he suddenly asked me if I saw it. Then continued, he saw ghosts quite often these days.


You might not realize but the white cloth has been originally dressed for a dead person during a funeral in Japan. Therefore, there is a traditional image that the ghost wears a totally white clothing. It is the same as a zombie, but Japan has no zombie traditionally, as we have been cremated after death for more than a thousand of years.


Anyway, the white dressed woman looked like a ghost in a traditional Japanese sense. She walked in the countryside at the time when no one was awake, hence everybody realized something wrong out there. Then, he waited for a few minutes to talk about it, which was another important part of this manipulation, as I had no chance to confirm a credibility of his claim, as we were already long gone from its spot. If you can double check, you can tell a truth easily, but if no chance, there is a possibility that you might build a wrong recognition.


At that time, I did not believe anything and just replied she walked with a dog. There were no more mentions of her. I analyzed this situation and concluded that he was compelled to deceive me believing I should have the capability to see a creature from the other world.


Actually, he mentioned the story related to the ghost many times in the previous one month. There was no talk before and after, just for this one month, though he continuously talked about the ghost. I had no mindset to believe it so that I just did not pay an attention to. The white thing was the last operation they tried and failed, which was why he stopped talking about it.


I recollected my memory during this time and noticed he made an excuse for a couple of times for his behavior. I did not understand why he needed to mention them, but he tried to make me notice that he was deep in a trouble and I felt sorry for him. I also remembered he made excuses purposely in a crowded circumstance, which is why I remembered they were quite strange as well.


This excuse has conducted by many others who were supposed to help spies for their operation. I do not why they made an excuse in advance, maybe from a guilty conscience or maybe asked to do so. They might be afraid of me if I had become a spy, they would have been retaliated. I have no clue, but I can guess a distinctive reason why it was like that for all occasions.


If I believed the ghost at this time, I was more manipulated by the intelligence. Looking back those days, I was still manipulated but not controlled by the god’s voice. These operations were conducted by Japanese intelligence under the police department and there was no clue that the CIA was involved. The private investigators were hired as well for this operation and I could confirm some of them including police officers who were involved in this operation.


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