63 [Electromagnetic wave and Ghost]: If you believe a ghost, you might follow an order from the invisible voice

It is up to your religious belief and personal perception whether the ghost really exists or not and I do not talk about its existence here. There are lots of people believing it and lots of others believing not and there is nothing wrong with believing whatever at least for this subject.


However, the ghost is not necessarily a creature of the other world, which was created by someone with ill-minded.


It might be in the same summer of 1993 when the believer told me that he had an ability to see it, after his encounter on the highway. He drove a car and was passed by another, whose driver was flirted by his girlfriend sitting directly behind. It looked quite dangerous as the driver was kind of strangled from the back seat and might have lost a control.


He complained it to his friend sitting next to him that it was too dangerous for a high-speed driving. Then, his friend replied back to him “Can you see it?” and added it was not the girlfriend but the female ghost tried to possess the driver. After this incident, he came to believe that he could see the ghost.


I had no words at that time and no interests in his story at that time, but I came to understand what he saw at that time; it was not a ghost. Actually, the women held the driver from the back seat, which was an operation for him to believe he could see a ghost. This manipulation is well designed, as you cannot confirm a credibility of the ghost, as the car has already long gone. At the same time, what you see is real with a wrong explanation, but it still sounds convincing.


This should be one step to the electromagnetic manipulation in those days and eventually you believed a voice from the other world. If you do not believe you have a capability to see a ghost, you cannot believe words directly sent to your brain by the radiowave irradiation. You are likely to suspect you might have some brain disease or there are other methodologies to deliver a voice wirelessly.


I heard voices directly delivered to my brain by the wave, which was actually discerned who they were. I have experienced this for hundreds of times and am pretty much sure the voice can be sent by the electromagnetic wave. However, if the voice is so clear, you cannot believe it unless it is a word from the ghost.


In the current technology, you can hear a voice almost the same as your speaking, or it is possible to send more like just a thought. But, in old technology, it was just a voice clearly discernible. Even now, they should use this old type if it is more appropriate to manipulate others. Although, there was no choice in old days, hence the manipulator needed to convince the subjects that they should have the capability to connect to the other world.


And moreover, the story I heard in those days was an operation to make me convinced to see a ghost, as I saw the incident one of our members was controlled by the invisible voice. Having said that, I have no clue why he said that. I was sure that it was one of the manipulative processes, but it seemed like he was also manipulated at that time. It implies his word was unintentional not a result of the ill mind.


If you believe a ghost, the electromagnetic manipulation becomes more functional. However, I do not believe that kind of thing and have not become a subject of this manipulative procedure.


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