62 [Electromagnetic wave and Ghost]: A bird suddenly appeared and smashed a window with an invisible voice

It has been discussed a general capability of the electromagnetic manipulation and the subject is changed from here into the detail. At first, I would like to clarify how I have encountered this radiowave manipulation. It has been actually operated against me for a few decades, but I just realized its technology in 2013.


Once I realized its capability, I also recognized various incidents manipulated by the radiowave irradiation. The overall operation highly likely started even when I was a child, but I can confirm that I saw a manipulation in my eyes in 1993. It was actually 20 years before I realized that I had been a target, which implies an electromagnetic manipulation was secretive as such.


At that time, I was a university student and went to a mountain area for a summer camp with the club members. We stayed there for several days and planned a night walk during the stay so that we decided to see a dam for its preparation. It was a late afternoon, but not dark yet. Although, the fog was actually there just around the dam, we were surrounded by the dim light, not to enjoy the scenery.


All of a sudden, one of the members walked toward a water. It was actually a side of the dam hence you could go down to the surface. He seemed to be walking under trance, continuously saying “she calls me”. He was apparently out of mind, seemed possessed by something invisible. We needed to stop him physically, as he ignored any words other than “hers”. His state was in peril even on the way back to the hotel and some of us guarded him against an irregular incident. When finally back to the hotel, it was already dark in the night.


He calmed down until we reached his room and recovered himself to talk a normal conversation. For a little while, some of us decided to stay with him to make it sure nothing happens, but then, he suddenly became under trance again to say “she calls me”.


He stood up and went to the window. We strained him again not to reach there, as so worried about he might jump out. He was held by a few members, though still looking outside from the window.


At that moment, the big bird flew to us from the dark and it kept a speed toward our room. Then, it smashed into the window without hesitation, and at the same time, he recovered himself again. That was it and there was no accident after this problem for the next several days.


I saw both of incidents in front of my eyes, but they did not bother my life afterward. They were not explainable at that time with my knowledge, but I just assumed they were just coincident. It was quite rare those incidents happened in a streak, but they possibly occurred independently. I thought he was just bad in condition and never imagined he was manipulated by the invisible methodology.


I am sure now that he was affected by the electromagnetic manipulation and the bird as well because I saw and experienced these phenomena many times since the spring of 2013. In this 20 years, I have never thought about a meaning of these incidents, as they were misunderstood as a coincidence.


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