82 [Fatal disease caused by the radiowave]: The electromagnetic wave is a lethal weapon

It is crucial to understand how much the spy can manipulate the subject through the electromagnetic wave. There are many radiowave methodologies discussed previously, but it is also critical to understand what kind of outcomes are delivered by its operation.

The ultimate answer is that the electromagnetic wave can cause a fatal disease to kill the subject. At least, a heart attack, brain stroke and pancreatic cancer can be triggered by the wave.

It is apparent but not all the pancreatic cancers are caused by the radiowave, and at the same time, there are many people not suffering from it just by the electromagnetic irradiation. This operation is meant to be lethal, but the outcome partially depends on the individuality.

If you suffer from pancreatic cancer, it is more like a result of the natural cause. However, if you have an acquaintance who is unnoticeably a spy, your symptom might be triggered by the electromagnetic wave. The electromagnetic manipulation is still deployed with physical manipulators, hence you should have several spies around, which is the only clue to tell whether it is caused by the electromagnetic wave or not.

These spies are unlikely to know each other, as their connection is at the higher end of the chain of command. Conversely saying, if they are deeply connected each other, it is more like a result of the delusion that they look like an espionage. When you suffer from a lethal disease, it might be natural to cause a delusion so that it should be better for your health not to be bothered by the radiowave issue. Once you get a disease, it is necessary to cure it at first, even if it is caused by whatever reason.

Other cancers are hard to be created by the electromagnetic wave, though my knowledge is not enough for this conclusion. The radiowave can cause a pain or disease as a result of the chemical irregularity of your body part, which actually cannot create cancer. However, if you are originally prone to cause it, its probability should be elevated due to a stress triggered by the electromagnetic wave, though it does not mean the wave can create cancer.

The stroke is also another popular fatal disease, which can be created by the radiowave, but if you suffer from it, it is more like driven by the natural cause. If you do not have any relatives suffering from this symptom, the odds are increased to be triggered by the wave, though its fact is not a crucial. On the other hand, it is quite rare to cause a stroke until 40s. If you are one of them and have noticed you are a subject of the spy operation, your disease might be created by the electromagnetic wave. If it is just a small stroke, you are lucky enough. If you suffer from a paralysis after a seizure, your life becomes a little harder.

A stroke more often appears for the aged, hence if you are old enough, your symptom should be created naturally. However, if you live a life without any issues at blood vessel in the brain and if you are suddenly fallen down in your 80s, it sounds a little weird, which might be triggered by the radiowave.

The heart attack can be caused by the electromagnetic wave, but it is almost impossible to tell whether it is triggered by the wave or not. The outcome depends on the individuality and the fatal symptom just appears for the subject who are originally prone to a heart attack, which is why it is almost impossible to discern. If you have a symptom of angina which just occurs a specific timing, it might be caused by the wave and it is hard to say more than that.

Although, there is one clear probable cause that these symptoms less likely occur simultaneously. If you have a heart disease suffering from pancreatic cancer with a continuous stroke, your symptom is highly likely triggered by the electromagnetic wave. If that is the case, you should find out the reason why the spy really wants to kill you.

In any way, it is hard to tell whether you are the subject or not, just by the symptom. If you are a target, there should be some reasons even if it is unreasonable. When you reach that answer, you can conclude a true cause of the disease, but it does not help a symptom, sadly. At least, it is necessary to prohibit an abuse of the electromagnetic wave to cause a critical disease.

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