83 [Psycho break caused by the radiowave]: The electromagnetic wave just triggers a temporal symptom of the severe mental disease

The electromagnetic wave cannot trigger a severe psychiatric disease, though it causes a symptom similar to the heavy mental disorder. You might suffer from temporal symptoms of the hallucination, severe depression and emotional disorder. Occasionally, the multiple of them appear at the same time as a psycho break.

It is well known that the severe psychiatric disorder is unlikely to emerge after you become 30s. The severe symptom is more likely driven by the innate disorder, which should almost appear until 20s. It implies your symptom can be caused by the radiowave manipulation if the severe mental disease suddenly emerges after 30s.

When you do not realize you are under the electromagnetic maneuver, it is also a critical problem. If you understand it is triggered externally, your symptom does not develop to a serious level. When the manipulator takes a break, your hallucination should halt as well, which means the wave can create a symptom but not a disease. However, if you think you become insane due to the operation, its perception creates a suffering in your brain.

If you realize its true nature, you can control your mind better even though you cannot prevent an electromagnetic manipulation. You can contain a depression and emotional disorder to cool down your head, and you can even overcome a fatigue which recovers you a more normal life though you cannot stop a hallucination and uncontrollable body movement driven by the wave.

The latter is a result of the higher technology employed by the more limited number of the intelligence organization, as the hallucination is a result of the complicated pattern of frequencies comparing to an escalation of the aggression. If you suffer from these severe symptoms, you might notice a reason why you are a subject even if it is too unreasonable.

Having said that, there is one clear reason why you cannot realize it is triggered by the radiowave that the manipulator continuously makes you believe the wave is unrealistic. It is a result of the control over your emotion rather than a manipulation of your thought. Under escalating an anxiety and fear, the manipulators give you a headache or dizziness, and then, they make you believe your symptom is innate. Or, you might naturally dismiss the electromagnetic wave when your anxiety is increased, as it is a natural way of thinking.

The severe brain disorder looks like a schizophrenia when caused by the electromagnetic wave, but its symptom is unique as there are multiple dysfunctions in your brain, a frontal lobe, motor area, cerebellum or others. It is a result of the attack of each brain areas by the wave, which is impossible to be triggered by the natural cause. In the intrinsic case, the disorder should be located in a specific area, which creates a dysfunction related to its part. It implies your multiple psychiatric disorder is more likely caused externally.

Metaphorically speaking, even if you get a damage at the index finger, you can maneuver your little finger intact. You can say you have a damage at your hand, but its problem occurs at the specific area. It holds true to the brain that you can say you have a brain disease when you have a damage and disorder at a specific cerebral area, but your other brain function is intact.

Furthermore, you can behave rationally under the electromagnetic manipulation as you are basically sane, even though you suffer from a severe schizophrenia controlled by hallucination and delusion. It is partially because you still have the capacity to avoid a delusion which is a thought manipulation irradiated externally and partially because the manipulator is rational enough to manipulate the subject in a rational way. It means if the severe psychiatric disorder concurs with a rational behavior, it is more like a result of the external maneuver rather than a schizophrenia.

It is better to be medicated if you are truly suffered, but if not, your brain chemical balance might be collapsed by a drug and it might create a continuous unbalance as far as taking it. You should be careful enough how to counter the electromagnetic wave.

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