84 [Mild mental problem caused by the radiowave]: The symptom looks like mild but actually severe, which is an electromagnetic characteristic

A mild symptom of the psychiatric disorder can be easily caused by the electromagnetic wave, which is actually quite hard to be discerned from the natural cause. Having said that, it is meaningless to create a mild disease, hence it is more likely to appear naturally rather than electromagnetically and you had better see a doctor.

Although, it becomes a serious issue if it is escalated into a brainwash or manipulation. As a result, you might feel like assaulting someone or actually to commit a crime. This electromagnetic manipulation creates a symptom of schizophrenia, though it is definitely not a mild disease in any perspective. You might keep sane, but the hallucination and severe paranoia is not a result of the simple brain disorder.

There are other simple but dangerous symptoms caused by the radiowave, an emotional disorder and sexual deviance. These symptoms are much harder to clarify whether they are driven by the electromagnetic wave, almost impossible. If you are a subject of the physical manipulation as well, it might be the only clue that it is triggered by the electromagnetic wave. In this case, there is another sign that you are framed to assault someone intentionally. If the simple emotion is controlled to commit a crime, its outbreak is sudden, which looks like an extension of the mild psychiatric disorder.

If you have suffered from a severe brain dysfunction, your crime is not preemptive at all. If well planned in advance, it is less likely a result of the schizophrenia. There is a possibility a delusion creates a planned attack, though its rationality is according to the paranoia, where there is no general rationality. If its crime is preemptive in a general term, it is highly likely planned by others who manipulates the subject.

A psychopath is another probability to kill others preemptively. This brain state might be created by the raidowave manipulation, but I actually doubt its capability. It is unnatural for the human being to accept killing others just by following the inner sense, which is hard to be achieved.

There are two possibilities to create a psychopathic murder, one of which is that the subject has its tendency in nature. Their potential criminal mind can be liberated by the electromagnetic wave. The other is that the murder is justified by the rational way of thinking. The psychos also justify their murders mostly based on their emotion. The brain should give them a go order by comparing pros and cons of emotive releases. Conversely, the reason can also justify a murder, which is based on the rational pros and cons, not emotive. In a sense, it is the right thing to do for them, which is supported by the rational way of thinking. If this is the case, there are a full of signs of the rationality.

The electromagnetic manipulator can control a rationality to let you kill someone, but it does not look like a mild disease. Mild or severe, it is discerned by the brain symptom, not defined by the behavioral outcome. However mild it looks, a hallucination is not a result of the mild brain dysfunction. As a result, it is meaningless to cause the subject a mild psychiatric disorder. The electromagnetic outcome should be severe in terms of the brain symptom, but just the subject looks like living normally with hearing hallucination.

This is actually a characteristic of the electromagnetic wave. The subject looks like sane, but suffering from a severe brain dysfunction, as it is caused externally by the raidowave. Some of them have ended up with a felony after the long lasted manipulation, but their behavior should deviate a lot from the expected course of actions from a patient in the same symptom. That is a clue to find out whether the crime is triggered by the electromagnetic wave or not.

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