56-2 [Limitation of the electromagnetic wave]: several brain functions are out of reach of the radiowave manipulation

Your memory address is unreachable by the electromagnetic manipulator. They can restrict the memory to retrieve, and they can create a memory which you have never experienced through the twilight learning. However, they cannot write a memory at the exact brain address they want. There is no necessity for this kind of the manipulation, but the memory function is too profound to control externally.


The inverse manipulation is to retrieve a memory at the exact address, which is also too complicated. The memory is not remembered just by one address, which is memorized as an association of memories or a pattern of them, hence it is almost impossible to control all of those by the external wave, as they should know the exact linkage before its control. However, its linkage is too personal and absolutely distinctive to each person, which is why it is impossible to be cracked.


The memory can be retrieved by another stimulus by the electromagnetic wave, but you need to prepare well for the exact detail of its memory. If you know the detail, the recollection is unnecessary. Although, you can use a truth drug with an electromagnetic wave to extract an information compulsorily directly from the brain. In this interrogation, you can get anything you want to know, but it is a truth and not what you want to hear.


The ocular vision is also hard to be controlled by the electromagnetic wave. You can send a vague image by the wave, but its resolution is quite low because you cannot control the optic nerve from the retina externally. The eye and visual cortex are connected by the closed system, whose information is sent by pulse, not by frequency. The memory also partially has its tendency, implying the pulsive neural connection is secured from the electromagnetic manipulation.


If there is a difference of their frequencies, the pulse can be controlled by the wave, though it is unconceivable to crack all the frequency of the optic nerve, and moreover, the individual difference should be elucidated on top of it. You should affect the visual cortex to let the subject to image what you sent by the radiowave, but the human being cannot visualize a clear resolution just in the brain. If drugged, you should have a clear picture in your head, which should enhance a capability of the visual manipulation. However, it is nearly impossible to discern an illusion from an image sent by the wave for the subject under its circumstance. This is one of my conclusion from my experience.


The cancer is also difficult to be triggered by the electromagnetic wave. Pancreatic cancer can be caused by the wave, though others hard to be created. The cancer is usually caused by the genetic misspelling or the external chemical, not generated by the internal chemical reaction which the wave can manipulate. That is why the normal cancer is hard to be created, but my knowledge on the cancer is not enough to conclude an influence of the electromagnetic wave.


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