50-2 [Visceral damage created by the radiowave]: cancer cannot be created by the wave but pancreatic

The electromagnetic wave is proved to create a damage on visceral organs, which raises another issue whether it can cause the tumor or not. If it is created by the wave, there is a possibility that it is capable of causing cancer which is partially overgrown from the tumor.


In my current understandings, the electromagnetic wave cannot create the general tumor, hence the cancer is generally not triggered by the wave. The cancer is commonly caused by errored cells yielded by the genetic miscoding or influenced by the external chemical substances, which are not a result of the internal chemical change or the imbalance of the internal equilibrium. The electromagnetic wave can distort an internal function by a synchronization, though the cancer and tumor require more than its control, hence the wave cannot create them.


However, the radiowave can generate the brain tumor which deteriorates a brain function, rather than a matter of cancer. Additionally, its explosion should create a damage on the brain, which is another issue to be concerned.


Furthermore, the pancreatic cancer should be triggered by the electromagnetic wave. The pancreatic cyst can be escalated into cancer, which is originally triggered by pancreatitis or the oversecretion of pancreatic juices. It means the pancreatic cancer is partially an extension of the internal chemical change, which is triggered by the electromagnetic wave. An outcome depends on the individuality, hence it is not applicable to all the people, but some of us should suffer from pancreatic cancer by the radiowave. To make the situation worse, this cancer is hard to be found, which is easily transferred to other organs, hence once it is created by the wave, it is necessary to be treated as soon as possible.


This matters only for the pancreas. For example, if your stomach is exposed to the specific very-low frequency pattern, it might grow the ulcer as a result of the chemical irregularity. However, it is not escalated to the tumor, as they are originally different. That is why the pancreatic cyst is critically distinctive to other ulcers.


Having said that, it is still critical even if it is not escalated into cancer. There are many people suffering from the visceral diseases triggered by the electromagnetic wave, which makes them hard to live a normal life, or moreover, there are some of them facing an issue of the life and death. Nevertheless, it is nearly impossible to prove their symptoms are created by the wave.