5-53 [Visceral damage]: Electromagnetic wave can induce organs to secrete digestive enzyme remotely

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Almost all organs are affected by the external electromagnetic wave irradiation. I felt a different pain for each visceral organ, hence there is a distinctive frequency corresponding to each.


It basically shares the same phenomenon that the ionic change in the organs irradiates a specific extremely low frequency, or we can say that the electromagnetic change causes a chemical change in the cell. Then, when the electromagnetic wave is irradiated from the outside, the corresponding ionic change occurs inside the visceral organ, according to the distinctive frequency.


It is obvious that the visceral digestive juices are chemicals secreted in the visceral organs, indicating that this secretion is controlled by the outside electromagnetic wave.


That is one of the reasons why we feel the pain there during the specific electromagnetic irradiation, which is sometimes aggravated to the inflammation, ulcer or tumor. It depends on the individuality, though the intelligence operatives have no idea how it works for each subject in advance, while they have definitely noticed there is a potential to harm their target significantly.


In my understandings, the cancer is not caused by the electromagnetic wave operation, but the pancreatic cancer is an exception. The supersecretion of pancreatic juice sometimes creates a tumor which can be transformed to the cyst when healed. This cyst can be aggravated to the pancreatic cancer in the end, indicating that the chemical change caused by the electromagnetic wave can create pancreatic cancer.


I am pretty much sure that some of us have died from the pancreatic cancer due to the intelligence electromagnetic operation, though it does not work everyone in the same manner. I was also down for the pancreatic inflammation, highly likely caused by the electromagnetic operation, though still alive, which is totally dependent on the individuality.


There is one significant problem that we cannot stop the pain in our visceral organs. I have known the pain is externally created, but could not find a way to counter. There is a possibility that the low-frequency therapy equipment might work to scramble the outside the frequency irradiation. Although, it is still hard to confirm as I cannot spend the whole day holding the equipment around the belly. Theoretically speaking, it should work to interfere the external electromagnetic wave.