55 [Intelligence develops the electromagnetic technology]: spies are responsible for any crimes driven by the radiowave manipulation

There are several version of devices to manipulate the brain. The most advanced one should be highly restricted and the small number of governments can employ its technology. Some of the advanced systems should be linked to the satellite, which can be deployed by even the smaller number of countries.


Having said that, there are many devices just to irradiate simpler frequency patterns, which are still used widely in the world. The advanced technology did not suddenly emerge but have progressed for several decades. In the past, the manipulative function was more limited and its influence on the brain should be limited as well.


The technological development should make its device smaller and portable. Conversely saying, the old facility should have an enormous structure with a huge transmitter, which cannot be portable. It was developed to shrink its size, though there should be many devices still large enough to facilitate and also to require tremendous electricity.


These old facilities should be still in practice, as it has a basic capability, though it is quite visible with its inappropriate size. If you are a target of the intelligence communities for a long time, you can find the facility near your place. On the other hand, if you are new as a target, the device is likely invisible to the public eyes as it is too small.


They should have a screening standard to decide their target. There are many people included in its initial screening, though it cannot be more than a percent of the population. For example in Japan, there should be hundreds of thousands are included in the initial list, but the potential should be narrowed down to tens of thousands. The critical victims should be on this list.


This intelligence operation is a crime, more like conducting an organizational crime, which is never acceptable, but their harm is limited to tens thousands of the people. If you are not one of them, you do not need to worry about this device and the electromagnetic manipulation.


However, the intelligence community sublets these devices to their assets for an avoidance of their own criminal conduct. It is originally meant to attack their targets, but it is apparently abused by them to target the ordinary people, which might harm you as one of the victims.


Even if its device is an older version without advanced manipulation, the influence is still too critical. It can cause you a psychiatric break or brainwashes you to commit a crime. Moreover, you simply suffer from the visceral diseases or even death by the electromagnetic wave. The deteriorated technology does not mean its influence is junior.


The direct operation of the intelligence is quite wrong for this manipulation, but they have already spread these devices far-flung to have an influence on the ordinary people. Even if the specific crime is not committed by the intelligence circle, its responsibility is also shared by them, as they have developed this technology. As far as I know, they have no intention to admit their wrongdoing, but on the contrary, they actually escalate societal damages to stir up the anxiety for an enhancement of their power.