61 [Other countermeasures against the radiowave manipulation]: there are several methodologies to counter the invisible assault

Even if you are a victim of the electromagnetic manipulation, you would like to proceed your life going, which requires countermeasures to the wave.


Your motivation should be lowered by the electromagnetic wave with various directions. When the negative emotion arises or other emotions like a fear and fatigue are escalated, your motivation should be deprived. If you cool your head against these emotions, you should contain a negativity, though your motivation is just recovered to neutral. You need to use an adrenaline to dope your motivated feeling.


The exercise is one of the best ways to enhance your motivation. If you would like just to enhance your adrenaline, the muscle training is more appropriate than the aerobics. When you exercise every morning, you can also stabilize the autonomous nervous system and chemical balance of your brain, which does not require a long time.


You can also escalate a motivation by using a mouthpiece, which also increases an adrenaline. When you bite it with cooling down the head, you can elevate the motivation with a stable mind. By the way, it might be better to use teeth piece which is used for non-contact sports.


Another critical struggle is a memory, which is often gone from my brain by the electromagnetic wave. You can counter its manipulation writing down memos as many as possible. The external memory should support your recollection and you can maintain more a normal life. I have prepared many types of memos around me, and if not, I cannot write this blog as well.


The chemical balance of your brain is another concern from the electromagnetic irradiation. The wave can create various symptoms which are basically a result of the synchronization and its chemical reaction. Numerous chemical substances are spent for the manipulation, which is discharged from the body in the end. It implies there is a possibility that your chemical balance might be lost by the radiowave manipulation.


I have no proof of this outcome, but it might be escalated into the brain disease if that is the case, hence I am taking in a necessary nutrition on a daily basis. There are three necessary elements, one of which is DHA. The brain is basically filled with this substance and it requires to take in some from the outside, as it is not enough just by the internal production. Therefore, it is necessary to take in, especially when your brain is irregularly manipulated. It might be more precise to be called as omega-3 fatty acid, but in any way, you better to take in to keep your brain function.


This consideration holds true to other substances, such as minerals, which cannot be produced in your body. There are other similar non-producible substances with an absolute necessity to take from the outside, which is an essential amino acid.


Your body can produce amino acids, but there are several of them which are widely used in your body system, but not produced internally. The human genome does not support their production originally, hence they are definitely taken from the outside. That is why they are called as an essential amino acid. These substances might be off-balanced by the electromagnetic irradiation, hence you need to take in those intentionally.


An impact from the electromagnetic irradiation is temporary in nature, but the chemical balance might be collapsed as a result. It is necessary to take in some of the substances to maintain a balance of your brain system, but I have no clue how effective the radiowave distort it.