57-1 [Cool down the head]: the cooling is a countermeasure to some of the electromagnetic manipulations

There are many methodologies for the brainwave manipulation, though they create the common outcome that you cannot live a normal life under its electromagnetic irradiation. More precisely saying, your life is highly controlled by the wave, as its electrical power is occasionally increased and decreased or even halted to manipulate your lifestyle according to the manipulator’s plot.


When it continues for 24 hours every day, your life becomes quite miserable. There is no other choice than death when it continues for several years, but it should be a quite rare case, as there are many agents necessarily deployed to its manipulation. It requires dozens of people to conduct a 24-hour electromagnetic irradiation, which should be escalated to hundreds of people when operating for several years. The budget is quite sizable as well, which indicates this kind of the profound operation is just executed by the government intelligence against the limited number of subjects.


As a matter of fact, there are physical manipulations and gaslighting for my case, hence there are thousands of people involved in the operation against me in total, majority of those are police officers in several regions in Japan. As you can imagine, it is impossible to hide anymore due to an involvement of too many people. Conversely saying, it is less likely that another operation spends this amount of money and operatives.


It is apparent but you cannot write this blog in a rational way if you are a subject of the electromagnetic manipulation. I found out the way to counter them, which is why I can still keep my sanity.


The countermeasure is quite simple, but you just cool your head. I am using cold packs, tens of them with five kinds. The smaller ones are frozen and they are rounded on the head with a neck cooler. The larger ones are refrigerated and they are placed on the head, or occasionally bound by goggles. If the head is too cooled, it conversely creates a headache, hence appropriated to keep the certain temperature.


Tens of smaller cold packs are prepared, as it just keeps functional for just more than half an hour up to an hour, hence they are necessary to be replaced quite frequently. It is nearly the same as taking pills, but the side effect is limited as the external chemical is not taken in the brain system. The worst side effect is a chilblain on your forehead; that is all.


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