57-2 [Cool down the head]: you can contain an emotive explosion by cooling

When you cool your forehead by cool packs, you can maintain the normal thinking process, as your frontal lobe is functional under its circumstance. The reason has a critical role in maintaining your being, which also contains your negative emotion from an irregular action. The cooling does not create a positive mindset, but your unnecessary negative is gone.


However, your emotion is still explosive even if your frontal lobe is functional. You can contain the emotion from a dangerous behavior, but too much explosion rules your brain to kick out the reason control. Especially when exploded extremely, your aggression and fear become sometimes out of control. It is a human nature and the reason is occasionally overwhelmed by the emotion, but the issue here is that this explosion is manipulated by the electromagnetic wave.


This explosive emotion can be lowered by cooling down your back of the head. You might cool down the top of your neck, where you can directly calm your cerebellum, but it is oppressive too much. You better cool the bottom of the skull, which secures you from the oppression and contains your emotive explosion.


Even under this countermeasure, the emotion is elevated by the electromagnetic wave. You feel an aggressive stress near to be flushed, but you can keep calm as the cerebellum is cooled down. When you take off a cold pack winded on your head, you should nearly faint away from too much emotive escalation.


This feeling is quite weird as the aggression has no object, hence it is not an anger but the brain is nearly exploding to attack something without any reasons. This is one of the proofs that the aggression is escalated by the electromagnetic wave. At this time moment, you might feel an escalation of the blood flow, which might be the reason why this emotion can be cooled down physically.


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