57-3 [Cool down the head]: the cooling gives you back a sanity

There is another part of the head often cooled by a cold pack, which is an area between the vertex and forehead. Even if you contain an emotive explosion and maintain a reason, you cannot do anything due to a fatigue. It is quite similar to the depression, but its electromagnetic manipulation creates a tiredness all over the body with a paralysis on the motor area in the brain.


Actually, it is better to separate this feeling from the depression. The fatigue can be triggered by the depression, but it is a result of the complicated brain dysfunction, but this tiredness on the motor area is a simple phenomenon. You can calm this feeling just by cooling down the motor area from the skull.


I am still wondering why this simple cooling is quite functional to counter the primary feelings. Initially, I cooled down my head to contain a headache. There is no nerve to feel the pain in the brain, though you can feel a headache at the blood vessel. Therefore, the pain should be lowered when the bloodstream is reduced, which can be achieved by cooling down your head. You actually feel another stimulus when cooling so there is another reason why it functions to contain a headache. At the same time, the inflammation is restrained by cooling, as it halts a further collapse of the cells.


The critical fact here is that the cooling is also functional to work the reason and to contain an aggressive emotion. Although, it has been a known fact for a long time, as the anger is said to be cooled down. The aggressive stress can be lowered when the cerebellum is cooled to reduce the bloodstream.


It actually functions more but I still have no better explanation why the reason becomes functional when cooling down a forehead. There might be another reason the brain is more functional lowering the temperature from the norm.


In any way, you can keep your sanity by cooling down your head. Although, there are more problems you cannot solve just by cooling down. If you suffer from a severe depression, you can contain your emotion and pain from its disease, but you cannot halt a hallucination and delusion. You can contain negative feeling, but your emotion is not shifted to positive.


For example, this methodology can prevent the subjects from suicide due to an enhanced reasoning function, but the suicidal emotion is hard to be dissipated. Although, you can recover your normal life a lit bit more even under the electromagnetic manipulation. At least, I recovered myself after finding out this simple methodology of cooling.



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