58 [Warm up the head]: you can clean up the blood vessel by warming up your body

The majority of brain dysfunctions are contained by cooling the head, at least when they are created by the electromagnetic wave. You can restrain irregular thoughts and emotions and alleviate an unbearable pain in that way. However, you cannot cure a source of the pain just by cooling down your head, especially for a headache.


It is caused by a disorder of the bloodstream, which is basically driven by the state that more blood is running that a capacity of blood vessels. There are two explanations, one of which is that the blood is actually too much more than usual. In the other case, the blood clot prevents the smooth flow, hence the vessel can accept a lower amount of the bloodstream than usual.


Many disorders can be caused by the electromagnetic wave including the emotional disorder, though a headache is at least felt on the blood vessel. That is one of the reasons why the cooling works to alleviate it, which reduces a bloodstream and prevent a collapse of damaged cells.


However, if keeping that state, the blood clot still stays in the vessel. If you are confident it is not a dangerous state such as the stroke, it is better to flow out the clot from the brain. It is created by the radiowave, which is not naturally generated inside your blood system. And moreover, there is a risk that it is bloated in the brain to create an aneurysm.


When you warm up your head, you can flow it out. If you take a shower or bath, your bloodstream is expanded to flow it out. Or, the exercise is also effective, as it enhances a bloodstream, which flows lots of wastes from the system.


Having said that, it is always hard to tell whether it is critical or not. Fundamentally, you better go to see a doctor, but if you are a subject of the electromagnetic wave, you cannot go there just by an unbearable headache, as it is too often. Even if you suffer from the small stroke, you can understand it is not severe after 12 hours from its start. And then, you can exercise to clean your bloodstream.


You might think this explanation is too normal, but the ache is unbearable always when flowing the clot out. You should just stand still for a while to endure the pain even during the exercise. Actually, you feel something is flowing through your vessel in the brain, but once you can stand it, the headache is apparently alleviated. You can conquer the electromagnetic wave in this way, but it is not easy to fight against it by yourself.


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