59 [No remedy for the visceral pain]: there are several symptoms, still no idea how to tackle with

I found out several ways to contain pains and disorders in the brain, but still, there is no measure to halt a visceral pain. The only I can do is to endure, but the pain sometimes becomes more than endurable. If you create a pain intentionally on another part of the body, the visceral pain becomes relatively minor, but it is not a fundamental remedy to the problem.


Although, you can survive as far as the pain is not escalated into a disease. Even if you just stand still at the corner of your room by the pain and even if you are crouch down on a street to endure, it cannot continue forever as far as its radiowave manipulation does not create a visceral disease. The pain is just a pain and you can do whatever you want as far as you are not fallen down in the bed. If it is not a result of the electromagnetic wave, it is better to take a rest in the bed to cure your body naturally, but you cannot cure the wave just by sleeping.


On the other hand, when the visceral damage is escalated into a disease, you need to treat it as a disease. Even if it is created by the electromagnetic wave, the real change has already appeared in your body, such as an inflammation or ulcer, hence you need to see a doctor for the next step.


The sexual arousal lasts in your brain, even if the electromagnetic irradiation halts, whose emotion is also generated by the radiowave stimulus on the genital as well. At least for men, it is necessary to emit the androgen to recover a chemical balance in your body system. If not, the chemical might distort your thought and behavior, which can be countered simply to be processed by yourself.


There are other parts of the body highly affected by the radiowave, one of which is the eye. If your eyes suffer from the real disease even escalated by the radiowave, you should see a doctor to treat. Conversely saying, you should stand a pain unless it is not escalated into a disease.


There are many ocular symptoms created by the electromagnetic wave; one of the simplest is a dry eye. It might control the amount of tears, and in anyway, it is quite often for eyes to be dried up. The pupil has no blood vessel as you can see, which takes an oxygen through tears covering eyes. During the daytime, an oxygen in the air is dissolved into tears, which is used for a cellular activity of the pupil.


As a result, if your tears are reduced, you might have a problem on the cells in your pupil as well as a dry eye and its pain. It is necessary to keep yourself from a dry eye and one of the best way is to moisturize your eyes by a steamer, which just takes less than a minute.


The dry eye is also an issue during the night when your pupil uses an oxygen originally contained by tears. Your eyes might be dried up even when your eyelid opens minutely, which can be secured by an eye mask.


The dry eye can be contained by these methodologies, but the viscous eye lotion can save you as well. There are several types of eye lotions stocked in my house, nutritious, anti-mycotic, viscous and anti-allergic. You can lower symptoms by using an appropriate remedies. The electromagnetic wave cannot cause an eye disease, but might escalate its symptom, hence it is necessary to maintain a normal eye condition.


There are other symptoms which is an eye pain felt like stabbed into the brain. This pain can be contained by cooling your temporal lobe. I have no reason why it works, but I happened to know its functionality. When the eye aches unendurably, you do not want to see anything, which is quite problematic to a normal life, but one of its pain can be conquered by cooling your temporal lobe.


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