60 [Electromagnetic voice is unstoppable]: the external voice is unstoppable in your brain, but you can ignore it

It is impossible to stop a manipulation of thought. Precisely saying, you can halt it for a short period of time. It is not easy, but if you keep an emptiness of the zen meditation, any thoughts stop arising in your mind. However, the situation is quite similar to that Gautama was attacked by the demon to disturb his mind, implying you cannot stop it unless you become the Buddha, therefore I apparently cannot.


Actually, if you try to stop the manipulation, you should enhance your stress level. However hard you make an effort, you cannot halt it so that your useless attempt might create a mental disease. It is more suitable for your mental health to let the internal voice flow. The important point is that you just maintain who you are and follow your value, even if you hear something different by the thought manipulation.


There are two types of the manipulation of thought, one of which is that you can hear someone’s voice in your head. I assume this is an older technology. In this case, you can just ignore this voice however annoying it is, as you cannot be manipulated easily by someone’s instruction. However, if you listen to this voice during a morning doze, you might not tell this voice from yours and there is a possibility that your long-term memory is written in this manipulation.


The other is almost a thought rather than a voice, which is completely the same as your own inner voice. In this case, it is hard to avoid a manipulation as it sounds like your opinion. However, you can escape from this when some of your behavior are based on the external ethical code. For example, if you decide not to break the law, your action is also restricted by the law. If that is the case, you cannot be manipulated to commit an illegal behavior. This code can be changed to any other social norm. As far as you have a consistent code to follow, you can avoid a manipulation to distort your being.


Having said that, the electromagnetic manipulation is strong enough to control your behavior often. It cannot be helped, but as far as you keep yourself, the manipulation is partially accepted and calm your mind down always.


Your emotion is controlled by the electromagnetic wave at the same time with the thought manipulation. If that is the case, your sense is more controlled by the manipulator, when your decision is more based on the emotion. You can counter this manipulation when your behavioral code is based on the reason, not the emotion. When the reason controls your behavior more, your action is less distracted by the electromagnetic emotional control.


The fundamental countermeasure to the thought manipulation is to use foreign languages for a thinking process. If you switch several languages for that matter, you can be more effectively to escape from the manipulation. It depends on the language skill of manipulators, but it is not easy to obtain a capability to think in several languages, hence the manipulator is totally confused how to control the subject.


Although, there is also a fundamental problem to this countermeasure, one of which is that they can choose a manipulator who can handle several languages. If that is the case, you try your accent, which enhances a difficulty of copying your inner voice. If you use your accent intentionally in your brain and if its population is smaller, they cannot catch up your strategic change.


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