56-1 [Limitation of the electromagnetic wave]: you cannot yet send a digitally written thought

The twilight learning is a special methodology to manipulate the thought, which has a direct influence on the long-term memory. If you realize its manipulation is in practice, you are likely to tell an unexperienced memory from an actual experience. However if not, you have a memory created by external radiowave synchronization, unnoticeably.


Your thought is even manipulated while you are clearly awake, though the individuality plays a critical role. If you have a stubborn at the preference and philosophy, your thought is hard to be controlled. When you move into action, you usually consider the cost and benefit of its behavior. It is not necessarily based on the financial profit and loss, but more based on your emotive pros and cons to fulfill your preference or philosophy.


The financial accounting is just one of them and your philosophy is a deciding factor to behave when purely thinking with a reason. There should be an occasion to decide unconsciously when the brain quickly reacts to a stimulus. Your decision is based on the instinct or educated guess under its circumstance.


All in all, you behavior does not necessarily follow the inner voice created by the electromagnetic wave. It is still one of the opinions, not having an absolute control over you.


The people have their own tastes, which is quite common, but there are not so many people who have a strong philosophy. The wave can control likes and dislikes, but it is not easy to change your preference in the end. On the other hand, when your philosophy is not concrete, your good and bad is more easily manipulated.


Sure, there is a large difference derived from the individuality. For example, if you are religious, the radiowave cannot affect your ethics to tell good from bad. Although, the religion does not always have an answer to all social issues, hence your thought might be manipulated for unreligious matters.


That is the whole point. If you have a strong own value, your action is based on its valuation. The radiowave can whisper you in the brain, but the manipulator should overcome this value framework. Especially, the value is not just in the brain, they are sometimes written in the book, which cannot be overruled by the manipulative wave.


For example, the law cannot be rewritten just in your brain. However manipulated, the legal righteousness exists outside the brain. Your thought does not always coincide with the law and need to consult the legal appropriateness externally. This is one of the examples of strong external values, and if you are dependent on it, your action cannot be controlled just by the brain manipulation.


On the other hand, if you do not have a strong philosophy, your behavior is easily controlled by the radiowave. Or the wave can create new value system in your brain, however distorted it is. As a result, it might take a time but the manipulator has the subject to commit a crime, possibly escalated into a severe trouble with multiple casualties.

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