54 [Reality of the electromagnetic manipulation]: my multiple symptoms indicate a damage is created externally

There are many types of sufferings really caused by the electromagnetic wave. The harm is quite severer than you can believe. To make it worse, the radiowave is invisible, which makes it hard to identify what the real cause of your suffering. This secrecy is one of the reasons why it has covertly been executed by the intelligence circle without public notice for several decades.


I wrote down various emotions and pathological symptoms triggered by the electromagnetic wave, and all of them have occurred to me, which was my experienced fact. The majority of these are similar to psychiatric diseases also caused by the brain disorder. Moreover, it is more probable that these symptoms are driven by the brain disease, which is necessary to be consulted by the doctor.


However, you cannot suffer from all of these at once; you cannot be mentally depressed along with an emotional disorder to trigger the irregular sexual arousal ended up to pass out. It is just almost once a year when I would not wake up during the night, which is often prevented by intentional noises from the outside. These symptoms have continued for more than four years.


The multiple organs ache including the heart, which is sometimes escalated to unbearable suffering. The eyes were swollen at tens of times and were more often hurt to refrain using an eyesight. The appetite sometimes becomes abnormal to feel hungry even after eating full. It holds true to the urge to urinate, which is enhanced even a second after going to the bathroom. Apparently, there is almost no urinate in the body system, though.


I am hearing a hallucination, which continues every day for 24 hours in the last four years. There is an emotional manipulation to attack someone which is necessary to be contained and also a maneuver for the thought to attack a concrete target as well from the manipulator. The hand, foot, mouth are often out of my control and I cannot restrain their external maneuvers. There are often words coming up to my mouth, which is completely different from my local dialect. These symptoms continue all day long, which is sometimes worsened to disturb my mind.


I am whispered by the electromagnetic wave during the REM sleep and have memories which I have never experienced. The manipulation itself is continued even I am awake and the strong headache assaults me many times a day, which lets me down often for several hours a day.


This is my symptom and I can say that there is no psychiatric disease like this, as there are many conflicting symptoms occurring at the same time, which cannot be caused internally. If you suffer from the multiple personalities and if each of your personality suffers from a different psychiatric symptom, it might be plausible. However, the main symptom above should be categorized as the schizophrenia, not multiplied. If that is the case, you cannot write down the sentence like this. It is impossible to research in advance to construct a consistent context.


Furthermore, you cannot be threatened by the authority if just suffering from the mental illness. The intimidation has taken place just in front of me, not just through the electromagnetic wave. It means there is an issue not in my brain, but at the authority.


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