99 [Manipulation by the holy spirit]: The famous rant at the house floor should be caused by the radiowave

The stenographer ranted irregularly during the House vote session on 16 October 2013, which she claimed she got a revelation of the holy spirit and followed the order to speak out on the Congress floor. Her action was not an immediate result of the revelation but she had talked to the spirit for four weeks and decided to stand up eventually.

This incident was nearly four weeks after the shooting at the Washington navy yard, which was apparently triggered by the electromagnetic wave. The stenographer actually had talked to the spirit for four weeks, implying her talk started within a few days of the previous shooting.

As discussed many times, it is possible to send a message directly to the brain by the electromagnetic wave and it was almost certain that her conversation was conducted through this methodology. At the same time to consider the timeframe, it is highly likely that the same perpetrators run these two operations in turn. Both of them took place in the Washington DC and there was a few days gap so that the same crew can manipulate the subjects without any problems.

When that is the case, these two incidents were warnings toward the US government and politicians how capable they were to cause the mass murder and the rant on the House floor. Moreover, their choice of the subjects was not random at all, which indicated that both were conducted by the rogue agents inside the US government. If not, they could cause two different murder cases, but not done in that way. Furthermore, they were able to attack the navy or intelligence organization directly but targeted one of the largest contractors, which indicated they avoided a direct assault against the center. This consideration implied these electromagnetic operations were run by the insiders of intelligence community.

I assume it was a job of one the CIA teams or the criminal action of their rogue agents, but other possibilities were not deniable that they were done by the other intelligence organization. Or, even if it was done by rogues, it was likely conducted by the high ranking officers as these operations required many operatives to work as a team.

Adding to this, there was an important fact that the stenographer actually talked to the spirit in the brain. It means they employed the brain reading technology, which was more advanced to the old one which was just one way to affect the subject. This radar technology was more secured and used by limited members of the intelligence community. It also implied that this was run by the ranking officer at the CIA, even if she or he was a rogue agent.

Although, it is also possible to talk to the subject by sending a thought through the radiowave and listed to the subject’s talk through a bug. If that is the case, there is no need to deploy the newest set, but it is more likely they used a brain reading technology.

Moreover, it cannot totally deny she actually talked to the holy spirit who required her specifically to rant at the House floor.

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