98-2 [Washington Navy Yard Attack]: The intelligence community was assumed to be the manipulator

There was one important fact related to the radiowave manipulation that this perpetrator mentioned he was assaulted by the ultra-long wave. It implies he listened to an invisible voice just in his head as it was hard to notice the range of frequencies when his aggression was just escalated.

Moreover, there is a high probability that his body was also controlled. If your body was controlled at the same time with listening to the voice just in the brain, you might realize the brain is directly affected. He was likely to notice its fact during the three-month manipulation that the ultra-long wave was the only plausible explanation of phenomena he experienced.

He was manipulated through the electromagnetic wave to assault others, which started from fixating the target. Thereafter, his aggression was escalated quite often to explode against it, but this was not enough to commit a mass murder. It was necessary to prepare for the assault and he bought weapons a couple days ago, which was a characteristic of the electromagnetic manipulation.

If you suffer from a severe mental disease, it is almost impossible to plan an assault. Your crime is more likely a result of the impulse, just an explosion of the aggression. In this case, the aggression was enough escalated to prepare for the weapon, but he was normal enough not to start the action immediately, which was quite less likely to the patient suffering from the psychiatric disorder.

He suffered from a schizophrenia with a terrible delusion, but his attack was so preemptive that his reason functioned quite normally. He even wrote down a reason why he was going to assault the target. There were many rational behaviors appeared, which implied his brain was essentially intact but highly manipulated by the electromagnetic wave as he noticed.

I have been a subject of the electromagnetic wave for a long time, but it was after March 2013 when their radiowave operation was opaquely conducted against me. The external control was so apparent that I realized an existence of the electromagnetic manipulation and I later noticed I had been a subject of their manipulation for decades.

He realized he was a subject after June 2013 and his realization was three-month lagged to my case. In my recognition, there were many people noticing this technology in February 2013, actually when he flew back to the US from Japan where I was assaulted by the radiowave.

He was less likely to suffer from a mental disease, but he looked like that as a result of the electromagnetic manipulation and that was why he committed a mass murder. I have no clue who the manipulators were, but it is highly likely the same perpetrators who attacked me considering the timeline. That is a group of the rogue CIA agents. His crime was not a result of his disease, but he was also a victim of the intelligence community. They would like to send a warning message to some of the politicians in DC showing what they were capable of.

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