98-1 [Washington Navy Yard Attack]: The perpetrator was highly likely manipulated by the radiowave

There was a shooting happened on 16 September 2013 in Washington DC: twelves were killed and fourteen were injured, which was called as Washington Navy Yard shooting.

The perpetrator had suffered from a mental disease to take a tranquilizer regularly, but at the same time, he had had a delusion that he was controlled by the electromagnetic wave. There is a high possibility that this delusion might be a result of the real control rather than a paranoia. Especially, he wrote he was attacked by the ultra-long wave and eventually assaulted a navy contractor after three months of its influence.

It is necessary to disturb a normal thinking process for the subject to commit an assault. Under this circumstance, the manipulator should enhance an aggressive emotion of the subject and also direct its emotion to the specific target. This operation can be executed just by the electromagnetic wave, but it is more likely to have physical manipulators as well around the subject. That is how the electromagnetic operation manipulates the subject with more minute adjustment physically.

Even when the aggressive emotion is just enhanced, it might create a murder, but the subject is less likely to kill many people. It is just an explosion of the aggression, whose stress is highly likely reduced once killing some, no need for many. Although, this manipulation just works for the people who are not hesitant to kill others originally, which is not applicable to the majority of us.

The ordinary people has the reason to control an aggression not escalated into the actual behavior. That is why it is necessary to disturb the normal thinking process to commit a killing for the general manipulation. However, this kind of the electromagnetic maneuver is not difficult as well, just to irradiate a unique frequency causing a dizziness, fever and fatigue.

If your aggression is escalated and reason is subdued, you are ready to explode your emotion to the outside, but there is no target to be subjected. It might create a self-harm, which is another way to contain the emotion internally. Therefore, it is necessary for the subject to have a delusion that there is an enemy to fight against.

In this DC case, the target was likely decided through the electromagnetic manipulation. I cannot tell either the manipulator directed the target or it was naturally decided as an extension of the delusion, though I am pretty much sure that he misunderstood the perpetrators as it is unconceivable that they set themselves as targets.

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