97 [Radiowave manipulation by contractors]: The CIA runs the electromagnetic operation directly or indirectly in the US

It is quite common to outsource the intelligence job to contractors. There are several reasons for this trend, but it is at least true that the agency does not admit any responsibilities to the outcome if the outsourced contractors breaches a legal code. However, the contractors’ criminal activities are also likely to get an immunity, as they are collaborators to the agency.

This relation might cause a fundamental issue to the intelligence operation, as they are basically within command of the agency at least when they conduct a contracted work. Even if it breaches a law, it is easier to get exempted without any apparent blames in this relation. If the agents break a law, they should be punished in some ways, which implies there are lesser risks to outsource an operation beyond the legal line.

There is also another related issue that the CIA might conduct a domestic operation easily if outsourcing it to contractors. The command is still held by the agency, but the actual operation is run by the outsider and it is hard to prove who is a real mastermind of the plot. Moreover, if the agency decides to give an exemption, there is no one to investigate an issue further. This scheme is well planted into the system as any related crimes are prevented from the further investigation, even if it is a felony like a murder.

Then, there are two additional issues. The CIA really runs many operations directly and indirectly in the US, which is basically not allowed, and they affect a negative impact on the US politics and citizens. The part of these operations has been conducted by the electromagnetic wave, which is too covert to be revealed.

It is apparent but this radiowave technology is more advanced in the US, not in Japan. There are many similar types of plots executed in the US, but the people should trust the intelligence community more than deserved. There are lots misconducts actually acted by them to jeopardize the American society.

One more issue is that some of the intelligence contractors have the capability to run the electromagnetic manipulation in the US, as they are provided its device to run an outsourced task. They are originally under the chain of the CIA command, but they definitely employ their capability for their own interest. There should be lots of illegal activities under the CIA command, but there is no righteousness if the radiowave manipulation is executed for the contractor’s personal interest.

It is almost a fact that the ordinary people become a subject of this private conspiracy, as there is no restriction. It is just illegal, but they are likely to get an immunity as they are CIA assets. If that is the case, the prosecution is halted at some point and there is no revelation of any crimes in this scheme.

Now, the situation becomes worse and worse. There are many people died from the electromagnetic wave operation and there are many people suffering from as well, but it is not still openly discussed and not openly prosecuted.

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