96 [Radiowave contracted to the asset]: The majority of Japanese police assets are left extremists

In some occasion, the Japanese police intelligence needs to fake the real identity of their criminal operation and they employ their assets for its covert operation. It is quite common to deploy unofficial spies when conducting highly prohibitive covert operation. The Japanese police intelligence is so enormous that the majority of their operations are conducted in-house, but they still use their assets for a unique occasion.

The left extremists are their main assets, some of those are connected to North Korea, as they share the same communist view. They are deployed for an operation run by the Japanese police intelligence including the electromagnetic manipulation. There is a possibility that they might get the old device in the past from the Soviet Union, but I personally detected some of the police operations executed by the extremist as there were traces of their ideology at their conduct. Although, I cannot deny a possibility that the operation was conducted by the extremist of CIA asset.

There is an extensional issue related to this matter that their targets are wider than the original police surveillance list. It is not acceptable for the police intelligence to destruct the people’s life, but the extremists have expanded a range of the damage. This responsibility should be partially shared by the police department, as many crimes take place as they have unleashed dangerous terrorists.

Their sabotage looks diminishing in the last several decades, but there are more activities than we assume as they employ the electromagnetic wave to kill and to control many targets unnoticeably. Some leaders at the police department have had more sympathies to the left extremist than their subordinated police officers, which is why their operation was contracted to the extremist or they collaborate together to conspire the political plot.

There are other types of contractors hired by the Japanese police intelligence, one of those are private investigators. There are PIs, used to be police officers, who execute criminal activities as a proxy. This system is quite clever that the police provides an exemption for the legal liability for PI’s criminal act, which is contracted by the police intelligence. In this way, they can create many victims, but there are no prosecutions and the police control the ordinary people as they want.

The electromagnetic manipulation is included in this contracted operation, which is another way to execute the plot covertly by the police intelligence. The CIA also hires them as a contractor, hence all the criminal activities are not necessarily related to the police. Although, the CIA prefers an English speaker, hence the majority of PI’s covert operation is an accessary to the police.

At the same time, there are many independent operations conducted by the PI’s own interest even for the electromagnetic operation, whose device is provided by either of spy agencies. This damage should be partially responsible to those agencies as they would like to keep them as assets whatever they have conducted, because they would like to use them for their forbidden operation.

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