95 [Radiowave by corrupted police]: The police intelligence is the main perpetrator with the electromagnetic wave in Japan

The Japanese police intelligence rules the main place for the electromagnetic manipulation in Japan. Their capability is remarkable in Japan, which can deploy tens of thousands for the normal covert operation. It also implies they can select those who are quite secretive to conduct an assassination.

This covert selection is applicable to the radiowave operation, which is why their conduct had not been revealed for decades. That is why there were many politicians attacked by this wave but not realizing what happened to them.

However, they have almost no capability to develop this technology. They might brush it up with their contractors, but they cannot create a technology and seek a new direction.

If they tried a development at a large scale, it was highly likely leaked to the outside, as there was no rule for the confidentiality in the past Japan. Moreover, if they had done in that way, the whole police department would have noticed its capability, which was actually not the case. There has been no necessity for them to build by their own, as they have been continuously supported by the CIA.

Although, the agency does not give it to them without condition. They are likely to get a collateral security from the Japanese police intelligence for their immunity, which provides spies a great free hand. As a result, the police cannot contain any CIA activities in Japan, including those conducted by CIA assets, which collapsed the Japanese security, conversely.

As a matter of fact, I have no idea what the police intelligence has protected. The only certain subject of their protection is themselves and others might be recognized as enemies to destruct their organization.

For example, when they protect themselves from the political influence, it is not democratic and also not for the national security. However, it has been their main focus for many years. It is impossible to rebuild this organization just to deport a dozen of ranking officers, as their corruption is rooted so deeply that I seriously doubt their necessity in Japan.

There are many CIA assets in this police intelligence. They are more like spies of the CIA rather than collaborators, which is one of the reasons why the whole intelligence operation is distorted.

At the same time, they have a sound relationship with North Korea, which no other Japanese government organizations have. That is why their operation is affected by the will of North Korea occasionally. I do not want to think there are spies of them covertly in the police intelligence, though apparently some of them have collaborated with them for decades.

The left extremists exist in between the police intelligence and North Korea. Some of their members are assets to the Japanese intelligence, but also they are supported by the North Korean intelligence, as they shared the same communist belief. Their relationship has a long history, not started recently, and moreover, some of them are North Korean nationals or descendants.

The Japanese police intelligence allowed those to run an electromagnetic operation as well. More likely, they are the ones to provide this capability to the left extremist to disturb the Japanese security somehow to raise a general necessity of the intelligence operation. At the same time, they gave a free hand to some of the foreign intelligence agencies to run an operation in Japan under the name of give and take. As a result, there are many Japanese citizens attacked or lost, but the police just assume it is a cost to maintain the security.

I could not find any righteousness at their actions, but the elites at the police department believe they do the right things and they have the right to decide what is right in Japan. In this way, their electromagnetic operation has been justified to manipulate others and even to kill their subjects.

The true tragedy in Japan was that some of them got politicized and radicalized to the left, which incentivized to run many political conspiracies. This trait might be just in Japan, but there should be similar dangerous operations in your country conducted by the intelligence organization, especially with the electromagnetic wave.

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