104 [Trace of the radiowave manipulation]: If the criminal is manipulated by the wave, there is a specific characteristic

It is quite rare for the ordinary people to be targeted by the intelligence organization, hence your depression is more likely triggered by a natural cause, rather than by the electromagnetic wave. However, you might be used for their operation manipulated by the wave.


Furthermore, there is a possibility that you might be a victim of the crime triggered by the radiowave. There are many incomprehensible assaults caused by the electromagnetic wave, which has actually been escalated to murders.


There is one apparent characteristic caused by the wave that the crime is quite preemptive, but it is planned by the totally irrational criminal. This cannot occur in the real world without help from the outside. The electromagnetic wave can obscure the thinking function and control the delusion led to the criminal action. If this is the case, the manipulation requires at least several months, which is also likely supported by the physical manipulation, hence the trace can be left during the course.


Generally speaking, there is no incomprehensible assault if the reasoning functions intact. The potential criminals can murder their targets rationally, but there is enough evidence for the rationality, hence it is not incomprehensible.


It is the only psychopath who can conduct an incomprehensible crime with a rational mind. Some of their cases should be preemptive but unconceivable, as their thought process is so irregular from the norm. If thinking in the same distorted mind, their rationality should emerge behind the trace.


There are also cases for the impulsive assaults caused by the electromagnetic wave, which is more difficult to be discerned. If their crimes are categorized more than the battery, the criminals are dangerously aggressive in nature even if created by the radiowave manipulation.


More precisely saying, they have issues to contain their emotions and their behaviors are easily escalated by enhancing an aggression. In these cases, there are no plans beforehand and no need for a long-term manipulation, though it is necessary to find these potential offenders for triggering large scale incidents with multiple victims.


I have realized there were such cases in the real world, but I am still not sure why these manipulations are necessary. We can guess several reasons, such as just to see a turmoil after killings, to show their capabilities to manipulate the subject committing a crime, which might be intended to blackmail the government or others. I did not get the exact reason why, but I am pretty much sure there are lots of victims from crimes created by the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


If they target those anonymous people originally just to show their capabilities, they are just psychos. They did not kill victims directly, but their intentions create murders. Sadly, it is hard to find the evidence of these electromagnetic wave manipulation, but you might find a slight physical trace, as the perpetrators have definitely confirmed a mental state of the target in some ways.


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