105 [Rogue spies behind]: The rogue spies are the main perpetrators, but there should have been official orders as well

In Japan, the police intelligence has gone rogue to conduct multiple murders. This operation has not been recognized as a crime because they are one of the divisions of Japanese police department and they disguised assassination as a death from an accident or illness. That is why it has been impossible to prosecute their crimes.


The CIA has also gone rogue, not just for the operation in Japan but also in the home country, the United States. I am not sure how many criminal activities they have planned and executed, but there is no doubt they have killed many innocent people, more than just committing crimes.


Furthermore, their assets have been also derailed to conduct criminal actions. The controlled crime of intelligence community is offensive, but the uncontrolled organized crime of their affiliate is destructive. Those assets also have the capability to run an electromagnetic operation for an intelligence outsourcing, but they definitely employ these technologies for their own. It is problematic to manipulate others through the radiowave even if it is an official order of the intelligence organization, but it is absolutely unacceptable to use it for their own interest.


To make the situation worse, they are not caught nor prosecuted eventually, as they are valuable assets. This flaw of the legal system provides more incentive for the rogue operative to conduct an inadmissible crime for their personal interest, including an abuse of the electromagnetic manipulation. Moreover, it is hard to prove the incident has been triggered by the radiowave. They can torture, sicken or kill the subject, but we only can get circumstantial evidence and there is no trace of the external radiowave on the dead body.


There are lots of serious problems triggered by the electromagnetic wave manipulation, but we have no clue for each case who the perpetrators are. This technology is definitely employed by the intelligence community so that their rogue officers and assets have the capability as well.


I am pretty much sure the CIA should blame their assets going rogue, but it is not necessarily true. Some of the crimes should have been ordered or implied by them as I was a subject to have experienced their rogue operations. I also acknowledge that some of them have been really conducted out of control of the intelligence organizations.


They should admit a responsibility for numerous wrong operations. At the same time, their assets should take responsibilities for their crimes and those are the only way to halt this craziness. It is definitely necessary to charge righteously for taking back a democracy from the rogue organizations.


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