103 [Influence of the radiowave]: it is hard to find an evidence of the electromagnetic wave, but there is

There is apparently a limitation at the electromagnetic manipulation, though there are various damages caused by the wave. However, it is quite difficult to discern which outcome is created by the radiowave. Most of the symptoms look like triggered by the natural cause, even if they are irregular diseases or abnormal personal traits. Even if the subject realizes something wrong happening, its realization might be a result of the delusion.


Having said that, if multiple irregular symptoms have recurred for a long time, it is likely a result of the electromagnetic wave. The spies tried one operation but it might be ineffective to you, as the electromagnetic wave influence depends on the individuality. If that is the case, the perpetrators would employ another methodology, which is why you might have several symptoms recurred under the electromagnetic manipulation.


There is another case to identify the radiowave manipulation that you have experienced events which are statistically impossible. Although, the impossible occurs in the real world, hence you cannot ascribe everything to the conspiracy, but there are sometimes reasons behind the impossible occurrence, one of which is caused by the electromagnetic wave.


There are main three lethal diseases caused by the wave, pancreatic cancer, heart attack and stroke. Pancreatic cancer is not frequented, hence if you suddenly suffer from it without a genetic cause, there is a slight possibility that it is triggered by the electromagnetic wave. Furthermore, if you suffer from other symptoms ascribed to the radiowave, the odd is escalated.


The stroke is a normal cause of death, but it is quite rare to be caused when you are young below 40s. If this is created by the electromagnetic wave, there are two reasons, one of which is an assassination or permanent damage at your brain and body function. This is possible but the outcome is not for sure as there is a sensitivity difference for each individual.


There is another possibility that they have tried to manipulate your brain, which accidently creates a stroke or brain tumor. This is not a deliberate assassination, but still, the responsibility is at the electromagnetic manipulator.


You might suffer from a chronic disease from the radiowave manipulation. It sounds like safer than death, but your life still becomes restricted in many occasion, which is the reason why they execute this operation.


The most indiscernible symptom is a psychiatric disorder. The electromagnetic wave can cause a depression, but not directly, which can be caused by the multiple operations; i.e. there is no pattern of frequencies to create a depression. This holds true to the suicidal emotion, which can be created by the multiple steps, not by the single frequency.


The only way to identify an influence from the radiwave manipulation is that you suffer from the multiple symptoms. The depression does not create a headache and does not lower a brain function substantially. If you have several symptoms at the same time, it might be created by the wave. Although, there is also a possibility that your brain suffers from the serious internal damage, which creates multiple symptoms. If that is the case, you better to see a doctor without any second thoughts.


There are mixed symptoms usually appeared when you are a subject of the electromagnetic wave manipulation. You might realize it is caused by the wave eventually and you can try several countermeasures to protect yourself from the harm. However, I still could not find a fundamental remedy to its attack.


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