9 Self-determination of the intelligence circle

The biggest problem to the intelligence community is that the political control is out of reach, eventually out of democratic restriction, which is applicable to any countries.


It is apparent that the politics cannot control the administration as a micromanagement. The daily services are provided by various officers, which is universal to any governmental organization, though it is still under the authority of chiefs appointed politically. The authority is segmented and empowered to the lower structure, where they cannot go beyond their responsibility, which goes back to the top, as the chain of command.


Although, each responsible person is not necessary to decide the issue under the authority provided to themselves. The breach occurs often, which is not necessary informed to their superior.


For example, if the assassination is decided, it is not necessarily to be directed by the top, though it won’t happen as far as someone orders to. The accidental murder would happen at the scene, though the assassination is required to prepare beforehand, not determined at the spot. If decided casually, there is a possibility that the assassination is revealed to lead an assassin to a criminal charge.


The decision is made by someone in the chain of command, though all the information is not delivered to the top, not told to the subordinate. In the intelligence community, some divisions are separated from the others, to self-determine their goal and action, which complicates the problem, just more than out of the political control.


I saw the cooperation between CIA and Chinese intelligence, which was actually joined by other agencies from various countries. In this case, there was no way to be controlled by the politics, as Chinese intelligence would not follow the order from the US politics and Chinese government could not control CIA as well. This was a different type of the self-determination that the global intelligence community was out of any restrictions to commit any crimes.


As far as my understanding, CIA is apparently out of control, which was proved by the fact that they spread a rumor of the scandal related to the president Obama as a counter intelligence to defend their organization from the reform. At the same time, there are many politicians realizing that CIA is out of control, at least for various rogue operatives and operations, though they cannot discuss openly, as it is not permitted to do as classified information. As a result, there are many people knowing something wrong happening even a lot in the US, which cannot be disclosed due to the legal reason. No discussion does not necessarily mean there is no problem or the issue is not noticed, but it is just not officially open to the public.


The same phenomenon is seen in China, where the authority is concentrated into the central committee and the general secretary of the communist party, but the intelligence community can intercept the information to undermine the authority practically, which appeared as the streak of incidents related to Zhou Yongkang.


The self-determination of intelligence community has executed various murders, though they are not prosecuted legally, which has occurred in the US, China or everywhere. The anti-government conspiracy is operated against their own country, though it also targets the foreign government. Even if we realize the incident was a result of the political conspiracy, it is hard to identify which organization was actually in charge. To make the situation worse, the intelligence asset is also self-determined. CIA or other intelligence agencies are prone to be political in terms of the conspiracy, but their assets have no boundary to kill or victimize ordinary people.


I realized some of the plots executed by the intelligence in Japan, but it is quite hard to clarify who was in charge, some of which looks like initiated by CIA or purely by its asset, or other crimes were presumably committed by Japanese intelligence. In other cases, the assassinations were executed by the left extremist or North Korea. In any cases, the reality won’t be uncovered, as it is partially due to difficult to be proved, but it is partially due to a free hand given to them. And, they also plot a conspiracy to obtain that free hand, to undermine their own government for the maintenance of their own powers. In this way, their self-determination is strengthened.


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