49 [Brain damaged by the radiowave]: the electromagnetic wave might create a stroke

You might be brainwashed to commit a crime, but it is more often that you became a victim of the electromagnetic wave manipulation. In the most of cases, it is a mental disease and behavioral disorder, as the emotional control is one of the easiest by the manipulator. Its outcome is hard to be controlled, as the emotion is not defined how to explode, but your emotive disorder should be created when your brainwave code is hacked, even if it takes a time.


Having said that, the radiowave can cause another type of the brain disease, including the cerebral stroke. This is a proved fact and the victims are those who are originally prone to cause its symptom. If your blood vessel is clotted easily, the stroke might be caused by a very-low frequency irradiation. The problem is triggered by either the vessel, clot or bloodstream, while if you are not prone to cause its symptom, you should not grow the cerebral infarction.


As you know, the stroke is lethal. Even if you are survived, you might suffer from the paralysis with the partial brain damage. If not becoming serious, you just go through the pain from the minor stroke, though it does not continue for long. There is another type of the damages that you might grow a brain tumor before the stroke.


The pathological result is dependent on the individuality and the radiowave cannot control a degree of the symptom. It means the manipulator cannot control an effect whether to cause a stroke without fail.


There is a time lag from a stroke to seizure. When you suffer from a stroke in the morning, your seizure often starts from the early evening, hence if you are treated properly until then, your damage can be reduced. However, it is hard to recognize properly, implying it is hard to be treated as well.


The brain stroke and tumor is quite rare for the younger generation, especially below 40s. There are a percentage of people who hold its disease in nature, but it is more likely that your brain disease should be triggered by the radiowave if you are young enough.


On the other hand, it is common you suffer from a stroke when you become old, the symptom is less likely driven by the electromagnetic wave. However, if you are in 80s and have never suffered from the brain vessel disorder, your minor stroke might be caused by the wave. The aging should have an influence on the outcome that you are more prone to suffer, though it is essentially triggered by the internal change of the rhythm of the life, or by the external factor which might be the electromagnetic wave.


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