50-1 [Visceral damage created by the radiowave]: even the visceral disease can be created by the wave

The electromagnetic wave can also create a visceral damage. Some of the human cells generate an electricity through the ionic exchange when functioning. It is a natural phenomenon but its frequency is synchronized to the external electromagnetic wave which can control some of the human organic function. In this way, the visceral function is controlled to cause an internal damage as well.


Its damage is basically felt as a pain and its chemical reaction is dependent on the frequency pattern. For example, if your heart is harmed by the wave, it is easier for you to recognize its influence. However, there are other organs, hard to tell how it is affected. The stomach should be one of the easiest, but the duodenum should be harder. Some of us might recognize a symptom at the liver if you have suffered from its damage for a long time. You can say all of the above is an abdominal pain and it is hard to clarify how the radiowave affects your visceral organs.


However hard it is to tell, there is a cause of the pain. For example, the gastric acid is one of the digestive juices, whose hyperacidity hurts your stomach. It is a chemical change, hence it is highly likely that the gastric acid generates a frequency when functioning, which is synchronized to the external electromagnetic wave. As a result, your hyperacidity can be generated by the radiowave to create a pain in your stomach.


This causality occurs to other visceral organs. Each organ has a unique frequency pattern when functioning, as if not, your body is easily malfunctioned. The human body is dielectric so that each organ should irradiate a different frequency to avoid the wrong synchronization.


The frequency pattern is also unique to each individual, but the visceral function is created by the same chemical change, such as the digestive juices, hence each organ might have the generic frequency. All in all, the similar frequency might create the same pain to lots of people. This similarity and difference should define the radiowave controllability, where some might need a complicated customization to crack and others might be too general.


There is another dimension of the individuality, whether you are invalid originally or not. If your stomach is strong enough, yours are fine even with a high-powered irradiation creating a chemical secretion. On the other hand, you might be prone to create an inflammation or even to suffer from an ulcer. This difference is hard to be created by the wave, and in other words, the individuality creates a distinctive difference at the damage.

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