24-1 [Brainwave controlling device]: several technologies are used for the brain manipulation

The brainwave control has been developed historically and it is still on the progress to reach the future when the human being is more controlled remotely. Its development is brought by the technological progress, which is not drastically changed just in one night, but the breakthrough adds new methodologies step by step. The brainwave control is the same as other technologies in this sense that the innovation drives its evolution.


This technology is developed with both software and hardware innovations, though the latter is more critical to its progress, partially because it is still hard to be digitally analyzed. The algorithm might add another possibility as a software, but still, the hardware technology is the key to control the brain by the electromagnetic wave.


There are limited number of devices used in this control as hardware. The basic requirement is apparently an antenna. Both transmitter and receiver are required, though the transmitter is enough to affect the brain. Its size can be reduced when winded, but the old facility has a huge antenna. If there is an unnecessary pole in the residence area, it is likely an antenna to control the brain, one of which I am quite familiar with.


On the other hand, the pole has no directivity, hence its transmission should affect surrounding people equally, whose range is decided by its electrical power. Although, the individuality prevails in this effect so that not all of them are affected in the same way. It is just a huge possibility that some of them around might be influenced negatively in the same way as the subject is suffered.


It is necessary to employ the directive antenna if avoiding the effect on others than the subject. The government possesses that kind of antenna, though it is not necessarily used for the brainwave control, mainly for their communication. Or, the smaller sized device can limit an effective range by controlling its electrical power, as it is portably set nearer to the subject. As a result, there are several antennas in practice, the old huge, directive, small portable and satellite antennas.


The large antenna is installed to target the specific subject, hence it is not that difficult to be spotted, when realizing you are targeted. On the other hand, the smaller one cannot be found easily, as it is portable. Although, however small, as far as it irradiates the electromagnetic wave, it can be detected.


This technology is almost certainly developed by the CIA. In the past, some of the technologies might be more advanced in the Soviet Union, but the US definitely possesses the most progressed capability. There are many related devices, but almost all of them are introduced by the CIA. Some of them might be redeveloped in other countries like Japan, but it is nothing more than the adjustment. The CIA plays the main role in this brainwave control.

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