78 [Life or death]: I have passed through many critical situations created by the radiowave

My situation became quite out of ordinary after the spring of 2013. The electromagnetic manipulation was secretively employed beforehand and the torture and surveillance had been the center of operations until then. However, spies started openly to manipulate electromagnetically and my life became more miserable than the life under the physical torture.

There were many times coming near to the car accident, as my hand and the whole body was controlled by the radiowave manipulation. I managed to maneuver the car, though often necessary to drive looking up or side and often to control it with a slight touch to the handle.

Furthermore, I was often nearly fainted. Its manipulation was meant to pass me out, but my brain was resistive to this operation and I was able to manage my conscious as far as driving. Although, I often felt difficulty in breathing under this operation with a severe pain. When it was escalated to impossible, I stopped a car on the roadside to fall down.

On the other hand, I drove a car more than thirty hours on one day in May 2013. I just stopped once to refill a gas and was continuously driving a car. I was not sleepy at all and not hungry, actually just eating once in a car during this thirty hours. It was apparently a result of drugged by spies. I had been drugged for many times, several types of them to cause distinctive outcomes. This sleepless was one of them drugged mainly in 2013.

The electromagnetic wave can wake you up, but it functions to wake you up talking endlessly, hence you become sleepy under its manipulation. This sleepless without hunger was apparently caused by a stimulant drug, which also created a hallucinatory image. The drug was another weapon which spies often dosed me in those days.

The drug was buried into a food and drink, though it was more often set into a tobacco, as it is easier to control where to buy the tobacco than mixing into a food in the kitchen. I tried many times to stop smoking, but the electromagnetic wave can cause an addiction, hence it was hard to do. Just in case, I was drugged orally for that thirty-hour drive, as I did not smoke on that day.

I finally quit smoking in May 2013 due to one event. I realized I was drugged through tobacco, hence I tried many times to quit in the previous two years, but came back to smoking in the end. In that April, I was drugged too much and decided to stop smoking, but I started again at the early May unbearably. A few days later, I was at the hotel and started to smoke a tobacco after eating, my cough became unstoppable.

My sense became fragile and I was losing my conscious. I realized I was drugged again, but I had no idea what to do. All I thought at that time was to lay myself down on the wall as I felt a water in my lung which was increased due to coughing and gastric reflux of the water. A moment later I lost my conscious.

I managed to survive through drugged by spies, but I stopped smoking after recovering my conscious on that day. I have still been drugged occasionally, though it is not easy to doze it buried into food without notice. The tobacco is one of the easiest approaches and I thought I could get away from the death after quitting it.

However, I was wrong about a capability of the electromagnetic wave. I did not realize it can create a fatal damage, and even, I had suffered from stroke triggered by the wave for several times. It was still one month after I realized an existence of the radiowave manipulation and I was slowly learning its capability to generate an actual physical damage.

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