79 [Electromagnetic manipulation]: The CIA and Japanese intelligence became even more aggressive after its revelation

The electromagnetic manipulation became apparent from the spring of 2013, which was nothing less than torture. It was still problematic even when covertly operated, but the torture was not acceptable in the modern world.

I had thought the crazy operation would be terminated sooner or later until then, but I came to realize the idea that the CIA and Japanese police intelligence had no intention to cease, as their retreat should cause many related ranking officers expelled from the organizations. At the same time, I realized there was no safe place for me to live under their aggressions and decided coming back to Japan for permanent.

I have rented an apartment since the autumn of 2013 and the electromagnetic assault was intensified even more. When my aggression was enhanced by the wave, I became furious against a tiny issue, though I cannot stress it out to the outside hence started to harm myself. I had hit myself tens of times every day for hundreds of days, creating a swollen face and many bruises around the body. This was controlled by the radiowave manipulation, but I thought there was no other option than that to avoid a social conflict.

This outcome was just a categorical torture. The CIA and Japanese police intelligence were fully responsible for it, but I still could not find all of the main perpetrators. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to prove the electromagnetic wave manipulation, except the CIA and other intelligence organization admit.

I have a circumstantial evidence but have not seen its main device as well. My evidence is enough to convict the Japanese police organization as an illegal conduct, but not enough to prove their political plots and this electromagnetic device. Even if it is hard to find an evidence as a nature of the electromagnetic wave, it does not mean they are allowed to torture the subject and to abuse their power given by the people.

I have been listening voices in my head since the spring of 2013. It is quite rare to hear a clear voice nowadays, but I am talking to someone all the time while I am awake. This is completely the same as a schizophrenic symptom, but I actually have conversations with manipulators through the electromagnetic wave. It implies my behavior is often manipulated by the wave, which is impossible to halt however hard I try to.

I have had a headache since the same spring of 2013. It has been too severe to do anything, though I can contain it for the majority of time nowadays to cool my head. It does not mean they stopped a torture, but just I found out the way for my survival.

You just assume that I have been a subject of the electric shock since 2013, more than three years, which is one of the worst abuse conducted by the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and other spies. There are many people knowing this unacceptable torture, but it does not help me from this endless agony.

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