80 [Electromagnetic manipulation]: I found a way to counter, which increases a chance of my survival

I have been manipulated by the electromagnetic wave, hence there are lots of obstacles to living a normal life, but the apparent assassination was halted. My existence has attracted lots of attentions, therefore they cannot kill me in an apparent way. Although, there are still many attempts to involve me an accident or manipulate me to commit a crime.

I tried my best to resist its manipulation, which was successful until now, but my life has been extremely restricted. I have been woken up many times during the night to lose my sanity, they have intensified my headache when doing something disadvantageous to themselves and they have controlled my emotion to the extreme, to cause an irregular accident.

I found out a countermeasure to these electromagnetic manipulations to cool down my head in 2014. I had no choice but to think about a criminal action simultaneously with the emotional control in those days. The thought might be controlled by the reason, but the emotion might trigger an irregular behavior accidentally. When my aggression was increased, I only harmed myself to contain it from an external attack, though it created a swollen face and bruised body. Even the suicidal emotion can be contained by the self-harm.

Some of these manipulations become past to me after finding a remedy. I am continuously cooling down my head when awake, which contains an irregular explosion of the emotion. Now I can understand several ways to contain emotions and headache against different types of the electromagnetic assault. Furthermore, I have learned it is necessary to warm up my head occasionally to work the brain naturally. I am also writing a bunch of memos which helps me when my memory is lost by the wave. There are still lots of restrictions for my life, but I can spend a day more consciously.

However, it is still far away from the normal and I still have a time to be unstable emotionally. The electromagnetic torture has continued 24 hours every day since 2013. My life becomes stable, but I sometimes fall down on the street due to the pain and I could not communicate with others for a long time, as I have no confidence to keep myself without cooling my head. I need to resist the torture always until I am fully freed from this crime of the intelligence community.

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