14-1 [Brainwave synchronization]: the brain can be controlled by the electromagnetic wave

The human being can be controlled through the electromagnetic wave, which is necessary to be understood for the restriction of its usage.


The majority of human behavior is under a control of the brain, except some of the conditioned reflexes, so that the majority of your actions follows your brain order. This control is constructed by the brainwave and chemical which are generated when you think, feel or even act to move the body, as far as there is a change in the brain.


Although, it is difficult to construe the relation between these two generations: whether the brainwave is originated as a result of the chemical or the chemical is ignited as a result of the brainwave. It is quite hard to conclude which is a principal and which is an accessary.


For example, if you take a narcotic drug, you are under the control of its chemical substance, which makes you see an illusion, feel some emotion or act according to its disturbance. In this occasion, the brainwave is generated as an accessary to the chemical.


If you are given the electric stimulus, on the other hand, the brain is reacted to its stimulation. In this sense, the brain is not necessarily affected by the brainwave but by the electricity. Some of the brain functions work with relays of electric stimulus, which is not affected by the frequency of brainwave but by the signal transmission of electricity.


Although, the brain is normally controlled by the frequency or frequency pattern. Its brainwave is unique to each behavior, where some emotion has the certain pattern of frequency and some body movement has its own characteristic patterns. As a reality, when this pattern is extracted to the outside and reflected back to your brain as the frequency, you think, feel or act according to the frequency. In this case, the brain is controlled by the electromagnetic wave generating a chemical as a result.


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