45 [Addiction manipulated by the radiowave]: even your obsession is created by the electromagnetic wave

The addiction can be triggered by the electromagnetic wave. More precisely, it causes an obsession that you are addicted to the behavior even which is not addictive in nature.


The addiction starts from the stress without any direction. When you are angry with someone, it is an increase of the stress against the external stressor, which can be released just by the anger or might require an escalated aggression to be stressed off. This is an example of the directional stress, the aggression in this case.


The undirected stress is generated without a clear object and orientation. It is a result of the chemical unbalance toward the stress in the brain, while the same emotion is felt in the chest as well. It is felt sometimes by the heart but also felt in the lung, which makes you hard to breathe.


When you conduct some behaviors to reduce this stress, its behavior becomes an addiction or obsession. It does not matter whether the behavior is originally functional to reduce the stress or not, but as far as it is reduced, your brain recollects this behavior every time when its stress is generated.


When you counter the stress with smoking a tobacco, it becomes a habit and you want to smoke every time you feel the stress. The nicotine is highly addictive, hence it is one of the main reasons you are addicted to it, but you want to smoke even when the nicotine is held enough at your metabolism. When your stress is escalated, your brain chooses to smoke as it is recognized as a way to reduce it.


In this way, the addiction is created as a result of the bad habituation. The brain decides a certain set of the behavior to counter the stress, when it is recognized as functional. The addiction is more than a reaction to the addictive chemical.


When a drug is habituated, you want to take it every time its chemical substance is diminished in your brain. That is because your stress is increased due to a change of the internal chemical balance, which should be reduced to take the specific drug. When you are accustomed to its chemical, the drug becomes less functional, hence you want to take more amount of the drug at a time.


The choice of drug is dependent on how the stress and its release is initially related in the brain. When they are recognized as an association, you are back to that drug to lower the stress, even if your chemical balance is back to the normal after its chemical substance is off the body.


This phenomenon holds true to any obsession, even you can be addicted to the internet. If your behavior is recognized along with the stress off, you choose to behave in that way reacting to the stress increase.


The critical issue is that this stress can be created by the radiowave and your obsessed behavior is manipulated by the wave as well. Although, there is a constraint that you are not necessary addicted to anything by the manipulation. For example, if you have decided not to use a drug ethically, you are unlikely to take it just by the electromagnetic manipulation. As a result, the drug addiction is not triggered by the wave in this case.


When you do not have a strong ethical code, you can be criminalized with a prolonged electromagnetic manipulation. Although in this case, there is a possibility that the drug dealers are also prepared as a physical manipulation, which shortens a time frame to become addicted.


The compulsive obsession is not an addiction but more than just a normal obsession. The issue is completely the same that your behavior is recognized along with the stress off, therefore you obsess to its behavior when the stress is escalated in your brain. This obsession is also triggered by the electromagnetic wave, which might be easier than the addiction, as there is no ethical constraint to the permissible behavior.


It is basically defined by the association between the vague stress and the behavior for its stress off, though the addiction can be triggered by a directional stress. For example, your escalated aggression can be reduced by taking a drug, irrelevant to whether its stress is triggered by the radiowave or by nature.


The directional stress should be unmatched to the addiction, though you should continuously choose its behavior once they are associated as a habituation. In this case, the addictive behavior might be escalated to the sexual perversion or murder. It should be quite rare but you might be addicted to conduct a criminal action to lower your stress, and it can be associated as a habituation in the end. This addiction can be triggered by the radiowave as well. It takes a time to become a criminal mindset, but it is not impossible.


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