44 [Desire to urinate escalated by the radiowave]: you are woken up to pee many times during the night

The radiowave enhances your desire to urinate, which sounds like a minor issue, but too critical to spend a normal life.


Even if you have little amount of urine inside your body, you are urged to urinate. There is no difference between feelings triggered electromagnetically and physiologically, but you can differentiate these after several months of this manipulation.


If you have no amount to urinate, there is no need to go to the bathroom and actually you can stand its desire. However, if you have a little, that resistance might trigger an inflammation of the bladder, hence the resistance is not necessarily the right answer. It might be wise to go to the bathroom as far as you can urinate some, even if it is triggered by the electromagnetic wave.


As a result, you should go to the bathroom quite often, depending on the frequency of its manipulation. One of the most troublesome symptoms is its enhanced desire during the night. You are woken up during the night through the radiowave manipulation, and then your desire is urged as well to urinate. This turn is actually quite strange. You usually have an increased desire to urinate, which wakes you up if escalated too much. On the other hand, the electromagnetic wave works in the different order that you are woken up by some methodology, and then a few minutes later, you feel a desire to urinate.


This emotion is critical, as you have to go to the bathroom to release its desire, but once you really walk around out of the bed, your sympathetic nervous system becomes strong, which makes you hard to go to sleep again. In this way, this emotion is used as a supplemental technique to create insomnia.


The radiowave is functioned directly on the urinary bladder, rather than affecting the brain. I am still not sure how much the electromagnetic wave is progressed to control the human body parts, but there are several body parts other than visceral organs maneuvered directly by the wave, such as eyes and urinary bladder. There should be a limitation, but as far as there is a chemical change with an irradiation of the frequency, which can be synchronized by the outside wave.


The control of this bladder implies your erectile tissue is also manipulated by the radiowave. Your sexual urge can be recreated by this direct control, which is not just a result of the cerebral stimulation. This local manipulation has a potential to determine your life for a long term.


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