46 [Twilight learning]: there is a window time directly accessing to your long-term memory

The twilight learning is not just a methodology for the electromagnetic wave, but it is definitely a research outcome from the brain study.


A window to the long-term memory is directly open when you have a REM sleep with generating a theta wave. In the normal time, you cannot create a long-term memory just by the external stimulation, but if you are talked to under the REM, that tale is directly fixed as a long-term memory, which is the twilight learning.


If it works perfectly, you have an experienced memory which you have never experienced. Although, it is not an easy task and its influence depends on the individuality.


In my case, there are practical memories which I have never done, and actually I have a recognition that I have never experienced them. I had been manipulated by the twilight learning for several days, and then it was stabilized as an experience. The story was directly re-experienced in the brain which was memorized in just one day, but it required more times to believe that it was what actually happened to me.


Although, its memory has an irregular causality and circumstance, hence you can realize that it would not be real when contemplated. That is why I have experienced memories by a brainwash, but at the same time, I notice they are not real. You might contemplate many times for these memories to conclude they are unexperienced, which is one of the ways to avoid the manipulation.


You have a REM sleep several times every day, which can be checked by the brainwave. If your brain generates a theta wave during the sleep, you are appropriated to be a subject of the twilight learning. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find the device to check the brainwave irradiating a theta wave, and your smartphone might have its capability. It is challenging to affect the brainwave, but it is easy to analyze the rough brainwave including the analysis whether your brain is dominated by the theta wave or not.


When you are talked to under that circumstance, the twilight learning creates directly a long-term memory, but the thought can be sent by the electromagnetic wave as well. It is not a simple task, but if your brain is manipulated by the electromagnetic twilight learning, the manipulation becomes more secretive.


There is one issue that the manipulator should be also in a sleep, when you are asleep as synchronized each other. They are also likely dominated by the theta wave as well.


It implies there is a high possibility that you are asleep but the manipulator is awake. The wave might be irradiated just to you from them, hence once it is synchronized, you should get the thought from them. Although, the manipulation often takes place with two-way communications especially for my case, hence this possibility is unlikely for my case.


There is another possibility that the thought is just synchronized partially. The partial synchronization actually exists, where the thought is synchronized but the body movement is not. The thought or auditory sense utilizes a different frequency range from the motor area, hence if the specific frequency is picked up to synchronize, the twilight learning becomes easier.


In this consideration, the specified frequency range can be sent through the bandpass filter. There are several ways for that, but it is even mechanically possible. If that is the case, both the manipulator and you are not necessarily synchronized to be asleep. The thought is partially sent and received in two-way communication.


In this methodology, the manipulator can create the experienced memory to the subject, even though it takes a time. At the same time, you might have new preference and obsession through this manipulation. This is actually more suitable for the manipulation.


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