16 [Visceral organs reaction to the radiowave]: the specific frequency creates a disease inside your body

The influence of electromagnetic wave appears not just in the brain, but on the organ as well. The cardiac, intestinal or other visceral pains are created by the wave, which can be advanced to the disease.


The heart beat is controlled by the autonomic nerve in the brain, though also controlled by various cells at the upper side of the heart. Its control is not just a repetition of the muscular contraction, but these cells command its movement through ionic exchange between its inside and outside, which defines the cardiac behavior as well.


The electromagnetic wave is generated at the time of this ionic exchange, which is the same relationship the brainwave and chemical substance, where the chemical change occurs simultaneously with an irradiation of the certain frequency. It also implies the heart is controlled from the outside when this certain electromagnetic wave is irradiated externally, as a result of the synchronization.


The irregular cardiac contraction triggers a pain in the heart, which can be advanced to the heart failure or attack if the subject originally has heart trouble. In other words, the electromagnetic wave can kill the people to cause the heart disease. The final outcome depends on the individuality, though almost all people suffer from the irregular pulse or angina as a temporal symptom at least, even if not murdered.


This holds true to the other organs which are controlled by the ionic exchange at some cells when they function autonomously to the brain. At this exchange, the wave is generated along with the chemical change.


The synchronization can be achieved through the radiowave wirelessly, but it better assume the image of a wired connection to the stomach. If the electricity is irradiated to the stomach, there is no doubt that it is affected by its power. In this extension, the stomach is also affected by the even weaker electromagnetic wave, if it is irradiated at the certain frequency, which can also cause a disease.


The influence is not necessarily the same to all the people due to the individuality, but there are many patients caused by this wave, including the murder from the heart failure and attack. The ordinary cancer is generally out of its electromagnetic influence, but the pancreatic cancer is likely caused by its methodology.


The individuality defines a probability of each symptom, though it is not a matter of the wave, but it is a matter of the organic strength and function, hence the older we grow, the more affected by the wave in terms of the visceral disease. It also means some subjects instantly develop the certain disease by the irradiation, if they are prone to suffer from its specific disease.


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