87 [Electromagnetic discredit]: your sanity is at stake when meaningless words inserted into your speech

A discredit is relatively easy by way of controlling some of words and behaviors, especially when you are famous socially. However, the electromagnetic wave manipulation is not indispensable to fail the credit and you can conspire an operation to discredit the subject. There have been many conspiracies conducted in the world history, which won’t go away in the future as well.

Although, the radiowave manipulation escalates a conspiracy to the next realm for a discredit. You can create irregular words in the speech to incite a social conflict, which is not the same as a convenient adjustment of the speech.

You might insert unethical words into the subject’s speech, which is a little difficult as it more likely noticed to be corrected. On the other hand, if you put meaningless words into the speech, the speakers should be doubted of his sanity. This manipulation is as effective as the unethical words to trigger a question of the personal ethics.

There is another way to make the subject discredited by distorting an emotion to the extreme by the electromagnetic wave. If you become a sexually extreme or extremely aggressive, your being is more under scrutiny. There are other options to take for the spy, but these two are enough to discredit you in the society. Although, there are some people originally behaving away from the social norm, hence all the unusual behaviors are not necessarily triggered by the radiowave.

When the electromagnetic wave enhances a stress in the brain, it is necessary to be released somehow. If it is a stress of the aggression, it is naturally reduced by the aggression. If the certain behavior is set as a stress off, you should choose its action every time when the stress is increased. If it is an abuse to your family, you hit them when the stress arises. The brain has a tendency to escalate the action to release the same level of stress, which might be elevated to the murder in this case.

This whole picture holds true to the sexual perversion that you are obsessed to the certain sexual behavior when a stress of the sexual direction is enhanced. To make the situation worse, the sexual stress won’t decline even if the electromagnetic irradiation halts, as your androgen or estrogen stays proportionally more in the body system. It should be discharged in any way, as an act of the sexual perversion in this case, whose behavior can be manipulated by the electromagnetic wave as well. The sad thing is that this behavior is also escalated when this manipulation recurs, eventually revealed to discredit you in the society.

This manipulation is highly likely conducted against the subjects who are stubborn to their original philosophy. If your political belief is fragile, the manipulator can change your thought easily, but if you are stubborn, it is hard to be manipulated. If that is the case, they should assume an operation to discredit you for an elimination from the political field.

If you prepare well for the physical manipulation due to the past attempt, you might also be a target of this discrediting manipulation. In the most of cases in this world, your being is easily attacked by the conspiracy, but if you are very cautious on this issue, the hurdle is quite high for the spy.

Even if that is the case, the electromagnetic wave is functional enough to manipulate your behavior to orchestrate a social attack from the ethical standpoint, though.

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