86 [Politician down]: Japanese minister of finance, seconded to the prime, was resigned due to the electromagnetic manipulation

Shoichi Nakagawa was a minister of finance, who resigned his post due to a press conference in February 2009. You can find it on youtube that he was said to be drunk and lost conscious during the public interview, but it was not the case. It was more like a result of the electromagnetic wave and I got the same symptom several times. Its state was not a sleepiness, but a too much pain with a difficulty of breathing, near to be fainted. You can say it is an acute drowsiness, but it was fundamentally a different phenomenon.

You cannot have created that state by a drug. I was drugged variously by spies and even lost conscious, but you should pass out all of the sudden when the drug becomes effective. It should be possible to create a drowsiness by a drug, though it was nearly impossible to let him sleepy just during an interview. An effectiveness of the drug is dependent on the individuality so that the spy cannot choose the exact timing to make it work.

On the other hand, the electromagnetic wave is a perfect methodology to control a timing. There is a manipulation to stun others by the wave, whose effect also depends on the individuality, though its manipulation creates a severe headache if you have an alcohol in your body system, even if you are not passed out. This operation was executed against him during the interview and he was driven to resign, which shut his political career closed eventually.

There was another clue that he was under control of the wave that he made an irregular statement during a congress session beforehand. It was kind of famous that his word sometimes becomes irregular, which was one of the electromagnetic methodologies to insert a few words into the whole conversation.

I have had the same experience for numerous times, but I did not realize I had been under control for a long time until noticing the radiowave manipulation. It is actually hard to recognize as the manipulator just puts a few words in the sentence, not creating the whole. You just think you speak unexpectedly in a wrong way.

This irregularity occurred several days before the televised interview of him nearly fainted, which indicated both of them were caused by the electromagnetic wave. This fact also raised another issue about his death in October 2009, the same year. He was the number two at the Japanese cabinet until this February, but found dead, said to be a natural cause, almost one month after his failed election.

This incident also raised another mystery why his father committed a suicide after his failed campaign for a prime minister. Even failed, he was one of the rising stars in those days and it was hard to find why he needed to choose that path. Just as a reminder, the initial technology of the electromagnetic manipulation was already constructed in 1983 when he died.

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