88 [Suicide caused by the radiowave]: It is an assassination when the electromagnetic wave creates a suicide

One of the effective ways to render the subjects harmless is to drive them committing a suicide. If this inducement is driven by the electromagnetic wave, it should be an assassination, though it does not leave an evidence behind. The disguised suicide has been one of the main tactics employed by the spy, hence the electromagnetic suicide should be one of its advancement.

Although, it is not easy to drive others to death.

There are two types of the suicide, an abrupt or considered attempt. The impulsive suicide occurs when a self-harm is escalated by an explosion of the aggression, which is less likely seen at the political conspiracy. The death is the final outcome of this manipulation, but there has been many self-harms previously, which makes the subject impossible to work as a politician. Moreover, it is quite hard to keep any jobs as usual under its condition.

The preemptive suicide requires a conclusion that the death is a better option to take after fully considered. This consideration is critical to analyze whether the suicide is driven by the electromagnetic wave or not. If the reason is clear why the subject chose a death, but if it does not make sense to choose that decision, the suicide might be triggered by the electromagnetic wave.

There is a gap at the causality, which can be explained by the emotion rather than the reason. The suicidal emotion is an extension of the negative, which sometimes overrules a rational decision. In the brain, this emotion justifies a result, but it does not make sense from the rational viewpoint, which is why there is a gap of the causality for its suicide.

This emotion can be escalated extremely by the electromagnetic wave, and at the same time, the manipulator can obscure a frontal lobe of the subject which lowers a reasoning capability. In this way, the subject should commit a suicide, which is unnecessary in nature if keeping a rationality in the mind.

There is also a possibility that this initial cause might be created by the intelligence operation, and then, they try to distort an emotion of the subject. If this is the case, it is absolutely an assassination, but it is quite hard to prove. When tracing each thought process thoroughly, we might find out an irregularity which is at most we can get as an evidence.

The issue is not just many suicides created by the wave but also it has been never prosecuted that the spy killed a subject in this way. That is why they have employed this strategy conveniently to render their subjects harmless. There are many incomprehensible incidents in this world and many suicides with strange reasons, some of which are manipulated by the electromagnetic wave.

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